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Amazon and Youtube join to lower the quality of their videos

Amazon and Youtube join to lower the quality of their videos

These are times of sacrifice in the galaxy, and while it may seem like an apocalyptic introduction to Star Wars, it's more about how people will have to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in their homes.

This Thursday we reported that Netflix decided to accept the requests of the European Union and lower the quality of the broadcasts on its platform, in order to avoid saturation of Internet traffic.

Precisely that is what was now imitated by two other similar services: Amazon Prime and YouTube.

In the case of the company led by Jeff Bezos, they also announced the measure.

"We support the need for careful management of telecommunications services to ensure that they can handle the increased demand for the Internet with so many people now at home full time due to Covid-19," a spokesperson toldThe Guardian. "Prime Video is working with local authorities and Internet service providers where necessary to help mitigate any network congestion."

That yes, Amazon went further than Netflix and YouTube, since it decreed the measure worldwide, where it has more than 150 million subscribers and not only Europe "where we have already begun the effort to reduce bit rates while maintaining a quality transmission experience for our clients ”.

On the YouTube side, the company belonging to Google also took the measure, for now only for Europe.

“People come to YouTube to search for authoritative news, learning content, and to make connections during these uncertain times. While we have seen only a few spikes in usage, we do have measures to automatically tune our system to use less network capacity. We are in ongoing talks with regulators (including Ofcom), governments and network operators across Europe, and we We commit to temporarily omitting all traffic in the UK and the EU to the standard definition. We will continue our work to minimize stress on the system, while providing a good user experience, ”a spokesperson told TechCrunch.

On Netflix they point out that they hope to save 25% on data and that they will no longer be able to watch content in 4K and 1080p.

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