The games that Google has hidden in its application

7 Fruti Games hidden in Google by the Olympic Games

Pretty is the surprise that you will get when you open the page of Google is from the mobile throughout the day today. It turns out that Google has been pleased to introduce no less than seven games («FrutiGames«) On the occasion of the Olympic Games, and these are seven fun titles that without the need for installation allow us to entertain ourselves with different challenges.

To unlock the FrutiGames that Google has hidden in its official application, all you have to do is enter the Google application (the one that appears with an icon of a "G" on a white background) and click on the image of the strawberry that you will see at the top of the screen. In the event that this image is not shown, you can also start the games by following this link.

The 7 hidden games in the Google application: strawberry on the run, pineapple tennis player, jumping spider …

The games that Google has hidden in its application

The seven games available are sports related, and include missions as varied as helping a strawberry so it can escape being run over by a melon or guiding a blueberry across a stage bypassing obstacles. All the titles correspond to the simplest games, but since they do not require installation, what less than giving them a chance throughout the day.

Via: Reddit Forums