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12 documentaries from Netflix, HBO, Prime or Movistar that you can't miss

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These are times to spend time at home, either out of obligation or precaution, and documentaries are a great way to spend time. For this reason we have decided recommend a series of documentaries from the main platforms on the market so you can spend hours entertaining.

Among the following documentaries of Netflix, HBO, Prime and Movistar You will find a very varied theme, from stories of well-known characters to sports documentaries, through great brands that we all know.

The best documentaries to quarantine


Netflix has in its catalog hundreds of high-quality documentaries, we have chosen three that you sure like:

  • Wild Wild Country. Reality beats fiction. This documentary shows the story of Bhagwam Shree Rajneesh, known as Osho, and his unlikely community of followers.
  • The earth is flat. There are still people who think the Earth is flat, and this documentary by Daniel J. Clark explores the community of believers in terraplanismo today.
  • The Carter Effect. If you like basketball, you have to see it. This comprehensive documentary looks at how Vince Carter, an eight-time NBA All-Star pick, influenced pop culture and basketball in Canada.

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Another of the great platforms has exclusive documentaries that are worth watching, many of them have been awarded.

  • Leaving Neverland. This documentary reveals the disturbing life two boys reportedly lived in Neverland with Michael Jackson.
  • The truth about killer robots. This disturbing and revealing documentary focuses on different incidents in which a robot has caused human death.
  • My name is Muhammad Ali. This documentary explores the challenges, confrontations, reappearances and triumphs of the great Muhammad Ali.

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Amazon Prime Vdeo

Amazon Prime Vdeo is included in your Amazon Prime subscription and you have hundreds of series, films and documentaries included, many of them are exclusive to the platform.

  • The founder. It tells the story of how Ray Kroc along with brothers Mac and Dick McDonald created an empire out of a small California burger.
  • Garbo, the Spanish. It tells the story of Juan Pujol, a double agent who managed to deceive the Nazis and who is considered by the British intelligence services to be the best in the world.
  • Luis, the sage of success. He reviews with Spanish images the triumph of Spain in the Eurocup of 2008 with Luis Aragons as the key protagonist.

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Movistar +

The platform of the Spanish company includes lots of original content and among all we have 3 very interesting documentaries to see these days.

  • Cholitas. Five Bolivarian women discriminated against because they are indigenous, women, and Aymara make an expedition to the highest mountain in America.
  • Untouchable (Untouchable). The germ of the #MeToo was in Hollywood, a documentary that reviews the abuses committed by Harvey Weinstein.
  • Nadal Federer and the match of the century. One of the best tennis matches of all time was held in 2008 and faced Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final.

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Bonus: Apple TV +

Finally we have a last recommendation, the first documentary available on Apple TV +. Apple's service costs 4.99 euros a month, although you can try it free for 7 days, one year if you have bought an Apple device.

  • Elephant queen. Accompany Athena, the majestic matriarch of a herd of elephants, on a peak journey through the difficult African lands.

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we hope that with these documentaries do not get bored at home, it is time not to go out and enjoy the best content that all these platforms offer us, as.