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ZUI 11.5 beta implements Android 10 and Windows computer integration to Lenovo Z6 Pro

Lenovo Z6 Pro

A few days ago we talked about the new update that the Samsung Galaxy A70s is receiving, which, among other things, adds the compatibility with Lenovo Windows computers, which allows different smartphone functions to be operated from the computer screen with said OS.

Now, another terminal that gets a similar function is the Lenovo Z6 Pro, and thanks to the new firmware package that is coming to you, which is offered in beta form.

The ZUI 11.5 beta itself is the new update that Lenovo Z6 Pro users can already access. If you own the phone and a Lenovo computer, you can test the feature by installing the latest beta update for it. The beta update was released today and it also brings Android 10 to the device, but the integration with Windows computers only works with those that are from Lenovo, since they have support for Lenovo One, which is the feature that allows all the magic to happen and is already available on mobile.

Lenovo One update with Android 10 for the Lenovo Z6 Pro

In questionThe update arrives as ZUI 11.5.120 and brings a new user interface, a number of optimizations, bug fixes, and new features for the flagship phone. Lenovo also includes a list of possible problems you may encounter if you decide to install the beta version. We recommend the average user to wait for a stable update, as it is likely that there are more problems with the update, which is very possible as it is a non-final trial version.

At the moment, we do not know if Lenovo One will be available for all Lenovo phones or only for those that will receive the update to Android 10. Soon we will be receiving some more specific news or information from the Chinese manufacturer itself, surely. We hope it will be soon, since there are many users who want to try this new feature now and deserve all the benefits of Android 10.