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You can now play Pokmon Go without leaving home because of the coronavirus

It is something that is appreciated because the mandatory requirement is that to enjoy the game, you have to leave home. That's great for promoting physical activity, but in certain circumstances, you should enable gaming at home. Now that is possible, and we are going to teach you how to do it.

Niantic changes in the game

First of all, and most important, is that Niantic officially stop being able to play without moving. That makes it unnecessary to use cheats to 'cheat' Pokemon GO, making him believe that we were on the street when he wasn't really like that. That has been the most used method in Pokmon Go to play from home.

The first step the developer has taken is to cancel Abra's Community Day. This event would have led thousands and thousands of players to the street, so it has been postponed until it is safe again. And the next step has been to implement internal changes in the game itself.

Can you play without leaving home?

The truth is that today, it is possible, so to hunt monsters, it will only be necessary to walk around the house to find more wild creatures. In addition, we can hatch eggs in half the time, buy a pack of 30 incense with just 1 Pokcoin or receive more gifts from the Pokparadas. In short, all the actions we are going to be able to carry out with fewer resources, with the idea that the players do not think about going outside.

These developments will be as effective as what it takes us to Download the latest Pokmon Go update on Google Play. As simple as that, since once updated, it will only be necessary to open the game and voil, all the changes will be implemented. Niantic plans to make more improvements in the coming weeks to promote home activity and go as little as possible outside. In short, everything that prevents physical contact with other people. Although, let's not kid ourselves, it is a functionality that can remain to be able to play from time to time from home, once all this is clear. But for consolation, Pokemon GO has other games that can be enjoyed indoors.

Pokmon go

Pokmon go