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World Chiefs cry out for revenge in season 2

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Pearl Abyss has announced the arrival of Season 2 of the World Heads to Black Desert Mobile, one of the most important of the title. With the new season it will be more difficult to defeat the World Heads: Nouver, Karanda and Kzarka, the first of them is already well known when playing against him a few weeks ago.

To defeat them will require greater skill and determination on the part of the Adventurers, something normal knowing that they will have an important status bar. The rewards for defeating them will be more substantial and receive higher level gear and Dark Stones by eliminating them.

Accessories at Black Desert Mobile

A new way has been added for Adventurers can make characters more powerful in the game Black Desert Mobile. It is now possible to enchant the accessories through the magical enchantment process, for which it will be necessary to collect Silver and the Magical Essence.

The Magic Essence can be obtained by feeding the Dark Spirit with rare or higher grade items that you don't want, as well as from the well-known Pearl Bazaar. This accessory upgrade is ideal as long as you make the characters stronger and so they can defeat the World Bosses, something logical.

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The Dark Champion is now available for its creation in advance. This mysterious class is as pretty as it is deadly, and uses a two-handed Kriegsmesser as its primary weapon. She is known for being deadly in close combat, as well as for her devastating dark magic spells at medium range.

The Dark Champion is a character with great mobility and agility, allowing her full power to be unleashed in quick attacks, including Lightning. Black Desert Mobile has been available on Android for a while now and is a free title with fairly regular updates.