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Why is it impossible to install iOS on an Android?

A few days ago we saw on video how the people of Corellium It has managed to install Android 10 on some models of the iPhone, which has led us to wonder if it is also possible to install iOS on an Android phone, however, the answer is much more complex than it seems.

Technically it should be possible to install iOS on an Android, although that would take a huge engineering effort, since it is not as easy as moving from an iPhone to an Android despite the fact that both computers have similar hardware. And it is that, despite the technical limitations, when we talk about Apple there are also some legal limits that should not be crossed.

The technical challenge of installing iOS on Android

As you already know, Apple is usually a company that works perfectly
the harmonic work between hardware and software of its products, that is, the
hardware is designed to get the most out of the software and vice versa,
Hence, many times the iPhone has a higher performance than many
Android despite having less spectacular or limited hardware.

That has been the success of the iPhone for many years, and it is something that seems to continue to dominate for many more years. And it is just for this detail that it is difficult to make iOS work on an Android, because despite the fact that the chips that Apple designs for the iPhone are based on the ARM architecture, the reality is that they have many differences compared to the processors current as the Snapdragon, Exynos, Kirin or Mediatek.

Apple prohibits bad guys in Hollywood movies from using an iPhone

Everything would be easier if an Android phone had a
chip designed by Apple, but the reality is that these chips are unique to
Cupertino products, making it an impossible choice today.

Of course, even with these technical problems someone
find a way to match iOS to some Android phone with certain
Limitations, however, of doing so faces another serious problem.

The legal drawbacks

Apple is usually highly protectionist with its products, and one of the things it specifies in its terms of use for its programs is that its software can only be installed and run on Apple products. So if you install iOS on Android you can get the Cupertino company to file a lawsuit against you.

Of course this also applies to MacOS, and we have currently
seen projects that bring Apple's computer software to other PCs, and
So far the Cupertino company has filed a lawsuit against
this project.