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which online store is better and why?

In the 90s, going to a shopping center was a normal activity: you went there to buy clothes, to see a movie, to have lunch or to look for a new CD. But today's shopping malls are nothing like what they were. Most are like ghost towns, with few customers. The Internet sets its standards and it is easier to shop online. Therefore, we face Walmart vs. Amazon to know which is the most convenient. Walmart may lag behind Amazon in terms of performance, but it has increased rapidly, and the impact of the coronavirus in early 2020 could accelerate this phenomenon.

Today it is possible to buy almost anything without getting up from the sofa and receiving it directly at the door of the house. The two wholesalers are leaders, and both offer fast shipping options and a wide variety of items ranging from electronics to clothing, kitchen appliances, and sex toys.

So which online retailer is better? Which has the best shipping, the best perishables, prices, product selection, return policies, and customer service? They both have their good and bad points, but we go head to head against each other to find out which online giant is king. Let the show begin!

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Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates that more than 100 million people in the United States have subscribed to Amazon Prime, so most are familiar with Amazon's subscription service that offers a host of features like video content, Music, books, and more for as little as $ 13 a month or $ 119 a year. Prime also offers subscribers two-day free shipping on select items, and those who live on listed zip codes can get free one-day shipping, or even free shipping the same day.

However, Walmart does allow free shipping in certain situations and does not require you to pay any subscription fees. In some cities, the store offers free shipping the following day on certain orders for amounts over $ 35 dollars. Even if the next day shipping is not available in your area, you can still get a two-day shipping on orders over $ 35 regardless of where you live. In general, for items that are not marked as “2-day free shipping,” you can get 3-5-day free shipping. However, for certain items in the store, you may have to pay a separate shipping fee.

Winner: Walmart


In 2018, LendEDU conducted an analysis comparing 50 identical products in a series of categories: household items, technology and entertainment, food and beverages, cooking, and appliances, among others. They found that Amazon was 10.37 percent more expensive than Walmart if a customer bought the identical items from both retailers.

Amazon offers discounts and incentives, such as coupons and certain discounts for Prime members. However, Walmart does have a slight advantage over Amazon, offering a wide range of sale discounts, clearance items, incentives for customers to pick up their items from the store, as well as free shipping without a subscription fee. .

Winner: Walmart

Return policies

Walmart typically allows its customers to return items in-store or by mail within 90 days of purchase. Certain items, such as electronics, have a shorter return window (15 to 30 days depending on the item). If you buy an item from a Walmart store seller, things get a little complicated: the seller can set their own return policy, as long as it meets Walmart's minimum standards (i.e. the seller may charge a fee). 20 percent maximum inventory replenishment and a return shipping fee).

Amazon and most associated vendors allow you to return items within 30 days of shipping. Because Amazon is such a number of Marketplace sellers, most of them adhere to Amazon's return policies. Otherwise, Amazon third-party sellers must provide a return address within the United States, provide a prepaid return label, or offer a full refund without requesting that the item be returned so that the customer does not pay shipping. Amazon also has the A to Z warranty to protect customers from unfair return policies. This giant even has “try before you buy” services like Prime Wardrobe, so you can find out if you like an item of clothing and it looks good on you before deciding to keep it.

Winner: Amazon

Global winner: Amazon

Being a Walmart online customer means getting low prices, not having to pay subscription fees, and getting free and fast shipping on most orders. Walmart online customers can also order items for pickup for better conditions and often pick up their items the same day. For perishables, Walmart delivery service is one of the most cost-effective options available. However, Walmart is known for getting quite a poor customer service score by receiving some of the lowest ratings among Internet retailers in ACSI (American Consumer Satisfaction Index) reports.

Amazon also offers customers a lot, and some of what they offer is more qualitative than quantitative. Customer service is excellent, as 95 percent of respondents reported being "very satisfied" or "quite satisfied" with Amazon's customer service in a Statista survey. Amazon also consistently receives excellent ratings in ACSI reports. And while Amazon charges for its Prime subscription, members get tons of extra benefits in addition to free shipping, from music to shows and books. Amazon continues to add value to Prime, while making customers feel very cared for. Therefore, Amazon is the best online retailer, but not by as much as you might have thought.

* Updated on March 13, 2020 by Rodrigo Orellana

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