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WhatsApp allows you to mute conversations from the notification in the last beta

WhatsApp continues to improve its application, adding news of interest in its beta versions. The last feature is interesting, since it allows us to mute conversations from the application itself. This novelty is starting to reach the latest beta version for everyone, and we will tell you how it works.

Easily mute conversations with WhatsApp news

Have you ever had a group that suddenly started talking at a rate that made you want to silence them? It is a hassle to have to open the application, search for the chat, go to the conversation settings and then mute it, for as long as we deem appropriate.

Someone on WhatsApp has thought that this annoying process is many steps, and have decided to take advantage of the potential of Android notifications to solve it with a new feature found in version 2.18.216 beta of WhatsApp.

This feature is to be able to silence a chat from the notification itself. By default, when a WhatsApp conversation has 51 messages or more, a button will appear next to "Reply" called "Silence", allowing us to silence the conversation directly, without having to follow all the steps described above.

As we have said, this feature is already available to all users who have the latest beta version installed. Remember that being a beta, may contain errors, so you may be more interested in waiting. If you are signed up for the WhatsApp betas program on Google Play, you will receive the update shortly, although you can also download it at APKMirror.

Key points of the new WhatsApp update

  • You need access to version 2.18.216 or higher. Available in APKMirror.
  • If the feature doesn't appear, back up the conversations and reinstall.
  • Remember it is a beta version, may have errors.
  • When you receive more than 51 notifications in a conversation, the suggestion to mute the chat will appear.
  • This option to mute the chat replaces the option Mark as read, option that is not yet available.