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What is All The Streams and why is the FBI pursuing it

The streaming war has users with credit cards always on the verge of overdraft, surely with few hours to see so much content and many with the choice of which service to choose.

Ever since Netflix got competition from Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO GO and so many others, the field has been opened to establish online television as the pearl of the crown.

The truth is that there are those who do not want to spend a peso to see these applications, and for them All The Streams was created, a website that acts as an FM radio. In fact it has that interface. However, it randomly schedules content from these paid streaming services.

"We have subscriptions to all the major streaming services and we are playing them for you," says the site's main motto.

All the Stream

The reproductive system has the logos of the available services and, when resting on them as in an old radio, it begins to reproduce on the screen a random content of that platform.

Daniel Greenberg, one of the founding teams of All The Streams, spoke to the TechCrunch site to answer the main question: Is this legal?

"We have standard control with this kind of thing. It does not mean that it is legal per se, but it does mean that the risk profile is acceptable to us … Transmission is a common denominator of the masses. We all use it. We all have feelings about it. We all hate paying more and more for it. Why not now? ”, He maintains.

One of the premises seems to be β€œbeing where people are” and building a brand with it, even though that could be a big risk.

This entire project is from people at a company called MSCHF, which has become famous on the internet for selling absurd, but very viral products, like Jess's sneakers or an app to make equity investments based on astrological signs.

Gabriel Whaley, the company's CEO, told Business Insider that they are, in fact, trying to "do things that the world cannot even define." A lack of definition that, without a doubt, has a lot to do with All The Streams.

The FBI already hit them

And clearly the experiment didn't last long, as the FBI fell on them and just posted a warning on the replay screens for infringement of intellectual property rights.

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