¿Cuáles son los principales objetivos de las campañas en Facebook que hacen las marcas?

What are the main objectives of the campaigns on Facebook?

What are the main objectives of the Facebook campaigns that the brands carry out?

  • During the third quarter of 2019 the number of advertisers on Facebook reached 7 million.

  • Among the campaigns on Facebook, the least sought objective is the generation of sales from the product catalog.

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Thanks to the popularity it has gained over the years, accumulating 2.5 billion monthly active users, it is not surprising that in a space like Facebook there are more than 90 million pages of brands and businesses as revealed by figures from Hootsuite. However, it is interesting to consider why these brands decided to go there and, even better, why many of them made the decision to invest resources in this social platform. In case you don't know, the number of advertisers developing campaigns on Facebook is a number that has also grown over time, as Statista points out, during the third quarter of 2019, the number of advertisers stood at 7 million, a million more than a couple of years ago during the same period.

Regarding why they decided to get there, one of the most recurring answers that can be reached is precisely because of the popularity of the social network and the ease it can provide to reach the target audience. On the other hand, regarding the second, in the graph of this day we will see what are the main advertising objectives of the brands that currently develop campaigns on Facebook.

As revealed by data from a study carried out by Socialbackers, there are 9 main reasons for generating campaigns on this platform. The first or most important of them is to boost the engagement of the publications, 23.8 percent of the pages analyzed by the source resort to this objective when they invest money in the social network.

Subsequently, second is the one that brands want to get more clicks on the links they publish. As you can understand, this is the type of campaigns that are designed to generate traffic to the business website or some landing page.

Finally, closing the top 3 of the objectives of the campaigns is to achieve reach, 16.4 percent of brands seek it to be able to enhance the visibility of their content or their campaigns, thus triggering the concept of awareness.

Other important objectives that can be seen are the generation of video views, conversions, likes on the page, lead generation and even sales generation.