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Video games that trigger internet traffic

After China, Italy has been the country most affected by the coronavirus. At the close of this edition, the European nation registered more than 12,000 infected, while fatal cases exceeded 800.

The authorities decreed quarantine throughout the territory, so that commerce, restaurants and schools have been closed since Tuesday, March 10.

With the obligatory stay at home, you have to find ways to entertain yourself. And video games have been one of the favorite pastimes of Italians during these delicate moments.

With schools, shops and restaurants closed, the provider Telecom Italia SpA registered an increase of more than two thirds in the last two weeks.

Much of that added activity is due to games like Fortnite and Call of Duty, which can involve multiple players and take up more bandwidth than programs used by adults working from home, such as conference calling apps, Bloomberg reported. .

Another peak in demand for data is verified when developers release updates and millions of users download 25 gigabytes at a time.

"We report an increase of more than 70 percent of internet traffic through our fixed network, with a large contribution from online games like Fortnite," said the executive director of Telecom Italia, Luigi Gubitosi.

The closure of the borders, added Bloomberg, has interrupted all services except essential services. This Wednesday the 11th, there was an increase in customer complaints about the interruption of internet connections, although soon the complaints decreased.

“The Telecom Italia network is working perfectly and with higher volumes compared to the previous days. The reported problems affected only some applications and the Internet due to a failure of the international network, "said the company.

In the United Kingdom, Vodafone Group Plc has increased the capacity of the network in the event that the government establishes similar measures.

Meanwhile, Swedish Telia Carrier revealed that her traffic grew 2.7 percent and she expects a further increase in March. "All the big players in the video conferencing market have requested bandwidth updates in the last 10 days and some are asking for a fivefold increase," said its vice president, Mattias Fridstroem.

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