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Use Google Photos or Facebook as your Chromecast wallpaper

Google has updated its Google Home application with several new features, one of which directly affects Chromecast, not so much in its main function, that of streaming, as in a secondary one, that of displaying random images as a wallpaper.

Until now the photos that we could see were those that had the default service, of great quality but controlled by Google. After the last update of Google Home we can make our own photos appear on our Chromecast.

The idea is to turn the television into a giant digital photo frame, a nice one that may be of interest to us perhaps to liven up a party if we are not using the screen for anything else.

How to display your photos

When we have updated the application we will have to select the options within the Chromecast. For it:

  • We go to devices in the upper right icon.
  • Click on the icon of the three points.
  • Click on Environment Configuration.

There we can change the image mode, between:

  • Photo frame: Choose an album that we want to show from our Google Photos gallery.
  • Art Gallery: Here are the previous options, and we can choose the themes that we want.
  • Experimental: We can connect our Flickr or Facebook account, in addition to using the bandwidth saving mode.

New options in Google Home

Along with that option we now have the possibility to turn on or off elements such as time or weather, which appear in the lower right corner.

We can also choose to appear data of personal photos if the option chosen in the first section includes them.

The last function is the one that allows changing the play time of the images that we have, from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.