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Upload photos to your social networks and earn money with Friendz

Upload photos to your social networks and earn money with Friendz

The social networks they are already part of our day to day, of our life. In them we share all kinds of moments and experiences with our friends, we meet new people and, in essence, they accompany us anywhere thanks to our smartphone. With the social networks the presence of the famous influencers has also increased, but thanks to the Friendz application, which now reaches Spain, anyone can become an influencer and earn money with their social networks.

With more than 300,000 users in Europe, Friendz It is a social network that aims to unite large brands and companies with users. It does not matter that you do not have thousands of followers on your Instagram or Facebook profile, it is simply about earning credits in exchange for uploading photos of specific topics to your social networks. Friendz allows earn discount coupons in stores well known.

Friendz: upload photos and earn redeemable credits

You're probably wondering, "Okay, but how does it work?" It's simple, the first thing is to download the Friendz application and create a user account, which is totally free.

Once inside we will see a list of active campaigns at that time and we join those we want. They detail what the photography needs to be done, the hashtag to use and the social network to upload it to, Instagram or Facebook.

Each of the photos we send goes through the Friendz team, which checks that the requirements are met and validates the publication. At that time, the reward in the form of credits reaches our account. Of course, originality is rewarded and the one who studies photography the most will receive more credits.

Of course, not everything is brand campaigns, at Friendz we also find campaigns created simply for the fun of users, inciting create creative and different posts on their social networks, as well as campaigns to support solidarity causes, such as the fight against breast cancer or Movember.

As we mentioned, at accumulate credits Enough we can exchange them for discount vouchers for stores such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Zara, MediaMarkt, iTunes or Decathlon.

Friendz is completely free, it can be downloaded in the Google Play and iOS App Store stores. You can find many more details and campaigns on their social networks.