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Uber Eats eliminates shipping charges until April 3

Uber Eats has made the decision to offer free shipping in all orders for food delivery in Spain, in a reaction to the coronavirus epidemic and the state of alarm, which forces most of the population to stay home.

Until April 3, 2020 it will be possible to get free shipping on Uber Eats using the discount coupon SHIPPING when paying. When confirming the order, we have to click on "Add promotion" to enter the code (or the "1 promotion available" message may appear).

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The only condition is that the order must reach a minimum of 5 euros, a low enough amount that it is not difficult to reach.

Image - Uber Eats eliminates shipping costs until April 3

Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps, although behind Just Eat and Glovo, which has a presence in much of Spain. Uber Eats doesn't just deliver on Madrid and Barcelona, as of today it already covers more than 60 spanish cities.

Since one of the recommendations against the coronavirus is to leave the house as little as possible, with the free delivery of Uber Eats it is possible to avoid visiting the supermarket to buy food.

In any case, during quarantine, we must think that the Uber Eats dealers are also exposed to the coronavirusAnd that can be quite expensive if we order food every day.

An alternative is the supermarket websites to make purchases over the Internet, which with a single delivery can supply us for a couple of weeks. Although some chains are limiting home deliveries, in others at the moment they work normally.

In any case, the measure of Uber Eats is positive, and the shipping at no cost will be useful for many users. Until April 3 we will only need to use the discount coupon ENVIOSINCOSTE, because beyond that date we do not know if the alarm status will continue.

It is best not to abuse food at home during the coronavirus crisis, given that services like Uber Eats have limited capacityAnd, ideally, they should be used by those who for various reasons do not have the ability to cook by themselves.

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What do you think of this Uber Eats decision? Are you going to take advantage of the fact that it eliminates shipping costs during these days?