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Twitter promotes the editing of tweets

There has been a stir in the social network of the blue bird because it has been itself Twitter the one who has promoted an option to edit tweets, but we already anticipated that this type of actions do nothing but heat up the environment.

Being able to edit a tweet is a function that has been asking Twitter for several years. They have always refused on the premise that someone could say one thing, and some time later, say just the opposite.

Fleets, the stories of Twitter that last 24 hours

People want the function to edit tweets to exist, for the simple reason that, sometimes, misspellings are made, the link is not correct, we want to change the photo, add another hashtag, name another user, etc.

But you can see that, for the moment, it is only a dream, and that Twitter is not really into the work of bringing the Tweets edition to real life.

Image - Twitter promotes the editing of tweets

As the title says, Twitter has promoted a way to edit tweets, and one that perhaps comes pretty close to what the public wants, but there are two cons, and it is that it is not an innate thing of Twitter but of a application called Brizzly +, and the other cons, is that it is a payment tool.

For those who do not know, Brizzly is a kind of tool for working with Twitter. Well, now he's back and he's doing it with various exclusive functions for this social network.

Brizzly + allows us automatically undo, redo, delete, custom notices, etc.. These are features that perhaps Twitter should offer itself, but for now you have to settle for Brizzly +.

As we say, Brizzly + is not free, it is a premium tool.

Image - Twitter promotes the editing of tweets

In this case we have two options, the monthly subscription and the annual one. Both Brizzly + options offer us the same, only that in the monthly we only pay 6 dollars a month and in the annual they are $ 60 a year.

Both Brizzly + options have 15 days trialFurthermore, we can unsubscribe at any time.