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Turn your iPhone, Pixel or Galaxy screen into a 3D screen


Holoscreen can convert the screen of your iPhone or any phone, in a 3D.

Angela Lang / CNET

In a corner conference room, Han Jin, CEO of Lucid, places an old iPhone 7 Plus on the table. Go through several pages of apps showing me what a normal iPhone looks like with a screen saver. So, open the Lucid app and put a video of the movie Avatar, in 3D. I looked at him in amazement when I realized that he had turned the screen of that phone into one with 3D images.

This is not a magic trick, but a screen saver that can transform the normal screen of an iPhone or any phone, for that matter, to display 3D images. It works using a lenticular screen protector, called Holoscreen, along with the Lucid app.

Watch this:

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The screen appears normal when the Lucid app is not used. Emails and texts are clear. But with the app, I can see photos and videos in 3D and the effect looks pretty good. The outlines or ghosts seen on some 3D screens such as the Nintendo 3DS.

I can even take my own photos and videos and also share them using the app. The only detail here is that to do this you need a phone with two rear cameras with the iPhone 7 Plus.

The two companies behind the Holoscreen are Holitech and Lucid. Holitech makes and supplies displays for mid-range phones, and Lucid makes 3D-based artificial intelligence and deep-capture software for phones. Notably, Lucid partnered with Red on the 3D camera functionality of his Hydrogen One phone.

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Holoscreen looks like a normal screen saver and works just like one. But when you use it with the Lucid app, your phone screen turns 3D.

Angela Lang / CNET

What is striking is that the only other phone with something similar to this 3D quality is really the Red Hydrogen One, which costs $ 1,295. One of the criticisms I made of Red Hydrogen OneIt was that you could only share 3D videos and photos with people who had their own Hydrogen One.

Holoscreen's price is much more affordable and being between $ 30 and $ 40 not much more than any screen protector. This price will allow many people to use 3D on a phone for the first time. The Holoscreen seeks to be for 3D content what the Google Cardboard is for virtual reality.

I don't think the Holoscreen transforms your liking or animosity for 3D. But for a lot of people curious about 3D images, this seems like a very affordable way to get started on the subject. And if you don't like the 3D effect or stop watching such content over time, the Holoscreen will continue to function seamlessly as a screen saver.

The Holoscreen screensaver will go on sale in the middle of the year.

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