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Tricks to get the most out of it

android 10

The Android version 10 It is the stable version of any device today. The operating system is installed on many mobile phones and there are several tricks if you want to get a good performance out of the smartphone that has the software installed or updated.

With the launch of Android 10 came many changes, among them that of facilitating life, better privacy and data control. Among other things there is even the well-known dark mode, used by applications, one of the favorites for users who use WhatsApp.


Muted notifications

If something is annoying are the notifications, in the tenth revision of the software it will be possible to silence one specifically by pressing a few seconds on it and selecting "Silence". Once this option has been given, we will not listen, nor will the smartphone vibrate in any case.

Postpone notifications

In Android 10 the option to postpone a notification It will not be activated by default, so we will have to select it if we want it to work. To activate it you will have to follow the following location: Settings – Applications and notifications – Advanced – Allow notifications to be postponed.

dark theme android 10

Apply the dark theme

Google has finally decided to add the dark theme directly in quick settings, just rolling from top to bottom. It will also be possible to activate it in energy saving, at the moment the battery goes to 20 or 15%, depending on the manufacturer.

Distraction-free mode

In this version of Android we have the Digital Wellbeing tool, the new mode without distractions. You have to go to Settings – Digital well-being – Distraction-free mode to select which applications do not bother us if we want to study, read or be doing work.

If we want the Distraction-free mode gets to be in Quick Settings a few simple steps are enough: Click on Edit the bar – Drag the Mode option without distractions directly to the screen.

Share the Wi-Fi key by QR code

Android 10 users can see the keys without having to be root, something basic if we want to use it with our phone. We can also share the Wi-Fi key by QR code, something quick and above all simple.

If we want to share it we have to follow the following steps: Settings – Networks and Internet – Wi-Fi, once inside the last one in the Share icon we can send it by using a QR code.