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Tricks and useful applications for Android

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Android it is precisely one of the most used operating systems in the mobile phone sector. Companies have opted to install a version and have a customized layer for each manufacturer, all to get the most out of the software.

Many essential and important tricks If you want to get all the juice out of it, but just stop and perform some actions among its many options. From unzipping files to using the zoom on any of its screens, among other things that we will advance in this article.

android zip

Unzip and compress ZIP files

Android has native support to compress and decompress ZIP archives, it will be quite easy to do it following a few steps and you want to do it with images or files. Despite this, "Files" is available in the Play Store in case you want to install it if it is not accessible.

To compress we access the application "Files", select all the files and choose to compress. If you want, it is to unzip a specific file, you will have to click on it and select "Extract to …".

Download Application

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone

ZArchiver, an alternative

There are other alternatives to compress and decompress, among them ZArchiver, free, does not contain advertising and is really intuitive. Compresses in six formats and decompresses in up to thirty possibilities, among them ZIP, RAR or the well-known 7zip.



Activate the zoom on any screen

If what you want to see a part of the screen with the zoom and does not let you increase it, you must activate this option available in all Android versions. The zoom will allow you to read any small print without having to strain your eyes.

To activate it you have to open Settings> Accessibility> Expand and Activate the option to Expand with three taps or Expand with button, any of them is valid. The recommended one is to do it with three touches, it is simple and if you want to return to normality you will have to give it three touches.

Meet the Guest Mode

If you decide to leave someone's phone for a short time, you can do it without snooping through photos, videos or any conversation. Android allows you to add a Guest Mode with which to call, use an application or send messages, but with options that the administrator will limit.

To get to create a Guest go to Settings> Users and accounts> Users> Guest. Depending on the Android version, it may appear differently, either as a Guest or Add a Guest.

Hang up calls with the power button

Android among its options will allow you to hang up with the power button if we activate it, it is a quite useful option if we see that a call is quite annoying. By default the terminal when executing the power button mutes the ringtone, also necessary depending on where you are.

To get to hang calls with the power button go to Settings> Accessibility> Power button hangs up and Activate the option. It is deactivated by default, in other brands such as Samsung change the location, you will have to access Settings> Accessibility> Interaction and skill> Answer and end calls> End call with the function button, and in Huawei the route changes to Settings> Assistance Smart> Accessibility> Power button hangs up.

screen info "width =" 1067 "height =" 600 "srcset =" 1067w, https: //www.androidsis .com / wp-content / uploads / 2020/03 / screen-1_1067x600-478x269.jpg 478w, 1024w , 320w, screen-1_1067x600-400x225.jpg 400w, 500w, content / uploads / 2020/03 / screen-1_1067x600-170x96.jpg 170w "sizes =" (max-width: 1067px) 100vw, 1067px "src =" 2020/03 / screen-1_1067x600.jpg "class =" alignwide size-full wp-image-162391 lazyload

Know the refresh rate of your phone

Android does not allow us to know first-hand the refresh rate, for this point we have to download a free application as long as it tells us the dimension used, the density and the known refresh rate.

Screen Info is a free app to know the details, it is worth opening it and in "Others" it will show us the information.

Screen Info

Screen Info