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Trick to not lose quality when sending photos on WhatsApp

Undoubtedly WhatsApp has become the instant messenger of excellence, in which we all go to send and receive messages, photos, among other types of files.

Many times when sending photographs they lose quality and it is totally normal, that is why at Tecnocatweb we share a trick so that your photos you send on WhatsApp do not lose quality.

It is worth mentioning that what we are going to present next is something very easy to use, but most users do not know it yet.

Steps so that you do not lose quality photos

  • Go to the chat that you want to send him a photograph.
  • Press the icon in the form of a clip which is positioned at the bottom and which will attach the file.

  • Select the Document icon instead of selecting the galley icon that everyone regularly selects by intuition.

  • It will immediately display all your files, select the one you like and Done!
  • For this step your image will already be sent with the same quality with which you have it in your gallery.

These are extremely easy steps but that many times the users themselves do not know, that is why at Tecnocatweb we always want to keep you informed of even the smallest details.

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