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Top ms apps downloaded by coronavirus

We are in a few days and weeks where not being able to leave home we all try to have some kind of distraction, including work for all those who can do it from our homes. One of those distractions are the applications for our mobile phone and that's why we are going to see what the Most downloaded apps since we have the coronavirus with us.

The truth is that, analyzing the most downloaded apps, we have not been surprised by any above the others and they are applications that we could all download in this type of situation that we live so exceptional.

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Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It is a face to face social network, allows us to connect with people that interest us. In addition, you will have a notice that puts you in the house, for all those friends who have just connected and so you can talk to them.

It is evident that for these days it is a quite fun app where you can meet people, have a conversation and even add them to the list of our friends in the app.

  1. Download Houseparty



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It seems that by staying at home we are also dedicating ourselves to doing those kinds of things that we always leave and leave, but never get to do. Well, now seems the ideal time to download the DGT application, in order to carry our driving license and the documentation of our vehicles in digital format on the mobile phone.

In order to enter all these documents in the mobile we need a Cl @ ve (electronic identity for public administrations), that is, having a digital certificate in our mobile.

  1. Download my DGT


Google Classroom

Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

Google Classroom is a service oriented to educational centers, non-profit organizations and for Google users in general, where students and teachers can keep in touch during these days of confinement in our homes.

It is a good way for our students to continue maintaining a certain routine since the app allows you to create classes, assign tasks and even communicate between different users. That is why it is among the most downloaded these days.

  1. Download Google Classroom


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Movistar +

This is the official application of the operator for all those who are clients of any of the packages offered by Movistar.

If you are a client you can enjoy recordings of the best programs and series, watching what you want up to 4 different devices and all at no additional cost to what you have contracted with the operator.

If you are not a Movistar client you can always opt for the Movistar + Lite version, where they offer you a free month and without permanence, to see much of the content that the operator has.

It is logical that it is among the most downloaded since you now have much more time to watch television.

  1. Download Movistar +



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

Continuing with the approach of the previous app, it is logical that Netflix is ​​among the most downloaded since, if you are a member of this platform, you will have a lot of series, films and documentaries to spend the hours that we will all be home.

Little do we have to say that you no longer know about Netflix and its extensive catalog that ranges from mythical series to own productions, through the best cinema and documentaries.

  1. Download Netflix


Zoom Cloud

It is an app that many companies use to make video conference meetingsSince up to 100 people can connect to a meeting at the same time.

In these days that telework has multiplied, it is logical that this type of apps be downloaded more, since there are many essential apps for telework.

  1. Download Zoom Cloud



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

The same thing happens with Skype as with the previous app, although this app is widely used on a private level too. That is to say, it will serve us to hold meetings for videoconferences with our work (maximum 24 at a time), but we can also call friends and family since it is the most popular video call app currently.

In addition, we can also make calls and even send and answer SMS messages.

  1. Download Skype


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Health Responds

Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

Salud Responde is another application that has a lot of logic that is among the most downloaded, albeit with consideration.

This application is where manage requests and modifications concerning the primary medical appointmentsbut only from Andalusian Health Service. What means that the Andalusians have begun to download this app in a massive way and more so when in its new update it has a test to find out if one has a coronavirus.

  1. Download Health Responds



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It is a social network where the protagonists are short videos. In this app you can create, watch and share a huge amount of videos from people around the world. It is an app that thanks to certain tricks we will get more out of it.

It is normal that TikTok is among the most downloaded, but not only in this exceptional situation of the coronavirus, but in a normal situation it would also be since it has long been one of the apps with the most downloads.

  1. Download Tiktok



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

This is an app for communication by text and voice specially designed for gamers. Thanks to it we can talk to members of our team about a certain game, share things among the group, see which players are online, send us notifications, control for multiple servers and even channels where we can speak several at the same time.

  1. Download Discord


Amazon Prime Video

Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

The Amazon video app has many things to entertain ourselves with during these days of confinement. Movies, series and documentaries They are its wide offer, where we will have well-known series, Amazon's own productions, premiere films (some even produced by Amazon) and very interesting documentaries.

One of the best things that Amazon Prime video has is its interface, since it is very simple to use and very intuitive.

  1. Amazon Prime Video



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It is always one of the most downloaded from the Google Play Store and now it will not be less, because now it becomes even more necessary so as not to lose contact with our friends and family, writing them, making calls or video calls.

  1. Download WhatsApp


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Microsoft Teams

Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It is an application where all conversations, meetings, files and applications come together in a single workspace.

This system is being increased by some companies for teleworking since they can edit and share files, connect face-to-face or in meetings of more members, chat in public or private between colleagues, and even assign tasks.

  1. Download Microsoft Teams



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

With Telegram it happens as with WhatsApp they are apps that are normally in this list of the most downloaded, but now with more reason. Many people already use Telegram as their favorite messaging application, but there are many others that have it as a substitute in case WhatsApp fails.

It is an application that does not allow video calls yet, but it is the only thing missing. It has certain advantages over WhatsApp, such as Bots or the ability to send much larger files than those allowed by the Facebook app, among other things.

  1. Download Telegram



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

If Instagram is normally one of the most downloaded from Google Play, now it is even more as it is an app that can be very fun in these days where we need to distract ourselves.

We will can put photos of our day to day while the alarm state lasts, create Stories and see how others carry it.

  1. Download Instagram


As you have seen the 15 most downloaded apps on Google Play in recent days, they make a lot of sense if we focus on this exceptional situation that we are experiencing due to the coronavirus.

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