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Top ms apps downloaded by coronavirus

We are in a few days and weeks where not being able to leave home we all try to have some kind of distraction, including work for all those who can do it from our homes. One of those distractions are the applications for our mobile phone and that's why we are going to see what the Most downloaded apps since we have the coronavirus with us.

The truth is that, analyzing the most downloaded apps, we have not been surprised by any above the others and they are applications that we could all download in this type of situation that we live so exceptional.

How to disinfect your mobile from the coronavirus


Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It is a face to face social network, allows us to connect with people that interest us. In addition, you will have a notice that puts you in the house, for all those friends who have just connected and so you can talk to them.

It is evident that for these days it is a quite fun app where you can meet people, have a conversation and even add them to the list of our friends in the app.

  1. Download Houseparty



Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

It seems that by staying at home we are also dedicating ourselves to doing those kinds of things that we always leave and leave, but never get to do. Well, now seems the ideal time to download the DGT application, in order to carry our driving license and the documentation of our vehicles in digital format on the mobile phone.

In order to enter all these documents in the mobile we need a Cl @ ve (electronic identity for public administrations), that is, having a digital certificate in our mobile.

  1. Download my DGT


Google Classroom

Image - Top apps most downloaded by coronavirus

Google Classroom is a service oriented to educational centers, non-profit organizations and for Google users in general, where students and teachers can keep in touch during these days of confinement in our homes.