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Top 6 Google Play Store alternatives

Google Play is indisputably the destination of an online stop to test the best and latest Android applications. But there are times when the Play Store can't let you in to download the apps you want. There are several reasons for that. Perhaps the application is not localized for your region, the application does not meet the requirements to be available in your country. Or maybe the app developer is doing a staged deployment where not all users can access the apps at the same time.

How to get those apps anyway?

This is not a big problem at all. For starters, there are a number of secondary markets that you can use to access those applications. The huge Android user base and diversity in the ecosystem offers multiple places to test Android apps. Not only that, sometimes the following alternatives offer free premium apps that would otherwise be paid for on Google Play. So, let's first upload our device to allow the installation of these alternative app stores.

To enable the installation of third-party applications.

  • Go to the application of configuration .
  • Scroll to Security .
  • Enable unknown sources.

What are the benefits of using third-party app stores (Google Play alternatives)?

Well, there are a number of benefits, here are some of them.

  • Installing third-party app stores means you have more options in terms of the type of apps.
  • Ability to download applications that are not otherwise available in your country.
  • Get free premium / paid apps due to discounts.
  • Possibility of discovering something new that you may like.
  • Great deals on apps you pay from time to time.

Now that we've looked at the setup and benefits, let's look at the Top 6 alternatives from Google Play Store:

1. Amazon App Store

It comes alongside the Google Play store in terms of popularity and is the leading app store for Kinds and Fire Phone. There is no web interface for that and you need to download the apk to use it. Applications are classified into different sections to improve discoverability. And to add the icing on the cake, Amazon offers a paid app for free every day, which is a good deal.

Describe it from here.

After installation, a screen appears to log in with your email address. And the user interface seems familiar to the first few iterations of the Google Pay Store.

Applications are organized into categories as you might expect.

The download and installation procedures are fairly standard for a user migrating from the Play Store.

2. ApkMirror

ApkMirror is popular with people who are willing to try out the latest versions of their favorite apps, which sometimes hit Google Play after they've loaded here. However, this app store does not have an official app and users must visit the website to download the apps. The site claims that all of its offerings are malware free. However, you won't find any paid apps in this store.

The site is well designed and the app search and download process is also noticeable. You can browse through the most recent Uploads or search for specific applications using the search bar. When searching for a specific application, you are presented with a list of chronologically ordered versions of the application.

You can visit the download page of the version you want to download and click the download button to start downloading the .apk file for the application.

Visit the website

3. GetJar

If you ever had a J2ME or Symbian based device, GetJar is nothing new to you. It is hands down the oldest app store ever. There is an official application for GetJar but you can also use it through the web interface. The site is well organized and categorized. But applications may not always be up to date.

Download the application from here.

The overall app experience is decent as the app seems to rely on older Android APIs.

The apps are divided into categories and is similar to using the GetJar website in the Chrome app. The download process is quick but seems outdated to recent Android standards.

4. AppBrain

If you are looking for free premium applications, App Brain is your destination. The developers of the paid applications make their applications free for a limited time on this site and, in turn, AppBrain publishes it for them. AppBrain offers an application and a website to allow users to access their catalog.

Download the application from here.

The AppBrain application is designed taking into account the fact that the user must have full control over what the application is doing. This is why after installation you are asked if you want the application brain to keep track of installed applications to offer updates. However, AppBrain works a little differently, if you try to install an app using the AppBrain app, it will redirect you to Google Play instead. To download applications from AppBrain, you must register.

Once we have passed the directions, we are greeted by a familiar user interface where you can search for applications, filter them by category, etc. Once you have found the application you want to test, press the download button.

5. Aptoid

Aptoide is popular with Google Play Store users because the chances of finding a paid app for free are greater compared to AppBrain. It offers a clean interface both on the website and in the application. Although the authenticity of the paid applications is questionable at times, since most of them are full of ads.

Download the application from here.

In visual standards and UX, Apptoide surpasses all other alternatives. The application has been designed according to Google standards and the experience is almost as good as the game store. At installation, a welcome screen appears so you can start using the functionality of the application.

The tabs and categories look like a visual review from the Play Store. The app also detects installed apps and offers updates if available. This is by far a complete replacement for the Google Play Store.

6. Opera Mobile Store

Opera, the web browser we all know, also offers an app marketplace within your browser. There are no other means of access available for this app store and the user experience is not good enough either, but its app catalog is endless and you see great traffic due to the Opera browser installation base on Android.

Visit this link.

You can search for applications from the Opera Mini browser and install the applications of your choice by pressing the download button.


There are many other stores that can be added to the list, but we focus only on those that offer the experience and security such as the Google Play Store. Having said that, one should be cautious when dealing with third-party app stores, as there are stores that offer pirated apps at the cost of violating their privacy and security.