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Top 5 decks for Clash Royale Season 9

5 best decks for Clash Royale Season 9

How are you doing in this season of Clash Royale, you already got all the rewards? Well, be careful because, although days ago we recommend the best decks with the real Package in Clash Royale, today we will tell you what they are Top 5 decks for Clash Royale Season 9 and so you can win all your games.

Keep in mind that in Season 9 of Clash Royale they did some balance changes that affected several important cards. Therefore, you will see several of these in the decks that we will present below.

What are the 5 best decks of Season 9 in Clash Royale

What are the top 5 decks for Season 9 in Clash Royale?

This season came with a new card, the Royal Package, which while taking a while to drop does a lot of damage. Also, the Golemsites now do more damage when they die, so the golem is pretty strong.

Also It is important to highlight that the improvement to the Earthquake It came as a ring to the finger to counter the Tesla Tower, which was quite annoying when you played against it. Finally, the Wheel Hound now hits much harder and the Royal Pigs continue to do their thing.

Mallet of the Golem with the Night Witch

Mallet of the Golem with the Night Witch (1)

And as we have just told you, we cannot start this count without it. Yes, the Golem is very strong and is a deck that practically plays itself. The idea is that you cast at Golem behind the tower and wait until it is reaching the bridge to release the Night Witch behind it. If you can, use the Leador in front of the Golem so that when he dies, you have elixir x2 and do more damage.

To defend yourself you have everything, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon for the land and air hordes, the Barbarian Barrel for the Skeletons, the Tornado to counter the Montapuercos, Real pigs or the Montacarnero and the Lightning to eliminate cards such as wizards or witches.

Mallet of the Royal Pigs with the Earthquake

Mallet of the Royal Pigs with the Earthquake

The Earthquake It is a letter that since it came out was not widely used. However, this season they improved it by making it possible for I can hit the Tesla Tower underground, something that changes it completely. This is why the Earthquake is inside this deck, since your attack goes through the Leador, the Mini Pekka and the real Pigs and these can be distracted by the tesla Tower.

For defend yourself you can also use the Mini Pekka, although Bats, the Hunter and the Ice Golem they will help you do much better. Finally, you have the Magic Archer, which while perfect for taking out enemy hordes (land and air), also does considerable damage to enemy towers.

Mallet of the Can with wheels

Caon's gavel with wheels

This is the classic Cemetery deck, only this time there is the Bomber Tower and the Wheeled Dog instead of the Knight and the Lipid. This deck has a lethal combination to knock down enemy towersbut watch out, because you will have to know when to use it and when not, sinceit's your only combo to attack.

In principle, you have several cards to defend against practically anything: Wheeled Hound, Dragon Dragon, Ice Mage, Tornado, Barbarian Barbarian, Bomber Tower. With any of these lettersYou can beat land or air hordes and divert heavy cards.

yourattack is based on the following, you have to:

  • Throw a card that absorbs damage from the enemy tower.
  • It can be himBarbarian Barbarian, the Can with Wheels or the Baby Dragon.
  • Then debersuse the Graveyard with Poison.

Thus,you make the enemy tower focus on the little tankwhile Poison and skeletons from your Graveyard melt the tower.

Pekka Gavel with Royal Package

Pekka Gavel with Royal Package

The combination of the Pekka with the Bomb Globe is still good enough to go up for drinks, that is why we place it as one of the best decks of season 9 of Clash Royale. While the idea to attack is quite simple (Pekka behind tower and fire balloon when Pekka is coming to the bridge), you have enough interesting cards to defend yourself.

The Bats and the Electric Mage will help you eliminate heavy cards like the Golem, the Giant or the PekkaWhile the Bomber and the Discharge help you defeat the enemy hordes. The Royal Pack is for wiping hordes, wizards, and witches off the map, so use it very well. Remember that you can also use the Dark Prince to put pressure on the other tower.

Rocket Mallet with Royal Package

Royal Package Deck with Rocket

This is the classic Rocket deck, one of those decks that kills the opponent's patience. It is fast cycling so if you use it right you will always have elixir. You can tease your enemy withBarrel of elves and the Princess to do damage little by little. Although if you have the opportunity, use the Rocket to go damaging the enemy towers considerably.

ForTo defend yourself you have the Royal Package, the Valkyrie and even the dart goblin. You can also combine the Pillos with the Goblin thrower to attack, but ideally you should use them in elixir x2. Remember that the secret to winning with this deck is to keep teasing your opponent.

These are the 5 best decks from season 9 of Clash Royale, How have they seemed, do you have any recommendations? Your opinion is important to us, let us know in the comments.