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Top 10 best Android Video Player apps

Here is a list of the 10 best Android video players you should download.

Phones have gotten bigger and better. Every smart phone company has tried to bring you the best video experience. HD content is something that really makes a premium phone worthwhile. Video player applications can turn your Android phone or tablet into a mini theater. Android offers you a wide range of video players to choose from and something that can compete with standard video players.

Built-in video storage is one thing you would invest in a smart phone for. You can't have internet access at all, so stored videos are something you can spend time with, whether you're traveling or spending your free time.

We have carefully compiled a list of video players, but that's not all. We have actually used these players. Not only that, even from these, we will select the best and tell you why it is the best.

1. MXPlayer

MXPlayer is one of the best music players to watch, in terms of overall performance. The best thing about MXPlayer is that it offers quality reproduction and is very easy to use.

Distinctive features

The MXPlayer supports hardware acceleration on single, dual, and quad-core processors. It also supports subtitles and subtitle gestures. Another amazing feature is the child lock, which allows you to save children's content that you don't want to be seen. The MXPlayer also works on various devices, including Google TV. The pinch to zoom and pan functions work very well. The cape also has various plugins and other extra things.


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