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Tired of Earth? Enjoy the best movies in space

Star Trek it refers to the far reaches of space as where no one has ever gone before. Although it is true that no human has physically traveled beyond our Moon, the imaginations of filmmakers have exceeded that limit for more than a century. Since 1902, with the silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune, the directors have not stopped taking their versions of the last frontier to the cinema. Some space films have a high dose of fantasy, while others are based on the real lives of astronauts. On our list of the best movies in space you'll find everything from science fiction to historical fiction.

First Man, one of the best movies in space

Americans typically like to think that their real-life heroes have exuberant and charismatic personalities, but that's not what you'll find in First manby Damien Chazelle. This film, based on the authorized biography of astronaut Neil Armstrong written by James R. Hansen, shows us a version of the legendary astronaut in which he can be as unfriendly as he is extraordinary. Ryan Gosling's interpretation of Armstrong is stoic and impassive. And just like First man shakes the expectations we have of the protagonist, does the same with the way it shows space flights. Rather than focus on the glory and excitement of the first trip to the Moon and everything that preceded it, First man It thrills us with the sacrifices and danger inherent in our first attempts to go out into space.

The Martian, one of the best movies in space

How do you make a movie about a lone astronaut trapped four years on Mars feel like a depressing and weary fight to survive? You put Matt Damon as the astronaut. Based on the Andy Weir novel published in 2011, the star of The Martian It offers a humorous story in addition to suspense, despite the fact that Mark Watney (Damon) has no one to talk to other than his video diaries. It's surprisingly funny and lively, especially considering that director Ridley Scott doesn't usually make the most comical films in the world. At the same time, Watney's fight for survival has all the suspense he needs, regardless of the time he spends complaining about disco music or his potato problems.

Wall-E, one of the best films in space

Although Pixar has made tons of great animated films, WALL-E it is his boldest creation. Set in the future centuries away, the film's garbage collection robot that gives the film its title works alone in a world abandoned by humans centuries ago. Captivated by EVE (a robot designed to search for vegetation), WALL-E launches himself into the stars to find it. It is then that he finds the Axiom ship, where the defenseless remnants of humanity have become 100 percent machine dependent. It is a post apocalyptic love story that is both fun, tender, and heartbreaking, and must be experienced even once.

Solaris, one of the best films in space

Solaris It didn't break box office records, probably due to the fact that it wasn't exactly what the public expected from a space fantasy. Solaris is a remake from the eponymous film made in 1972 by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, and both are based on a Stanislaw Lem novel. Although visually satisfying, Solaris it puts aside advanced special effects, as the elements of space fantasy are there to examine more personal and metaphysical themes. George Clooney plays Chris Kelvin, a psychologist haunted by the death of his wife who is sent to a space station orbiting the ocean planet Solaris. Upon arriving at the station, he encounters a dead friend, two uncooperative team members, and a mystery related to deceased friends and family who appear at the station. More than exploring what's outside, Solaris he immerses himself inside, touching topics like pain, faith and the beyond.

Sunshine, one of the best movies in space

With SunshineDanny Boyle (who gave us Trainspotting Y 28 Days Later, among others) offered us an incredible science fiction movie. The Sun is dying and a group of astronauts, including Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans, is sent to relight our star with a nuclear charge. Although the premise sounds like a slightly different version of films like Armageddon Y Deep impactThis film is distinguished by its amazing and amazing visual effects, in addition to its great heart. Scientifically speaking it makes very little sense, but you'll be so delighted that you won't mind.

Moon, one of the best movies in space

In MoonSam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, an astronaut nearing the end of his long work on the Moon. With no way to communicate directly with anyone at home except for recorded messages, and with GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey) as the only robotic company, Bell begins to suffer psychologically and physically from isolation, to the point where she doubts. if what you see is real. This low-budget film gave Rockwell a chance to excel. It is the first feature film by director Duncan Jones (son of the very same Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie) and is a film that is both powerful and calm, set in the not too distant future.

Star Wars Episode IV, one of the best movies in space

If you want scientific precision or an emotional social commentary, the Star wars 1977 classic is not what you are looking for. But if we talk about a pica space work set in a galaxy of fantastic and diverse aliens, George Lucas was undoubtedly the one who set the standard. With innovative special effects and a disparate team of heroes, Star wars inspired an entire generation to immerse themselves in science fiction and fantasy. It also gave us some of our most iconic heroes and villains, not to mention that it ushered in a franchise that continues to reap success in all sorts of formats. Full of action and fun and with the unforgettable music of John Williams, Star wars It remains an entertaining film, even though it took Chewie over 40 years to receive his medal.

Apollo 13, one of the best movies in space

Ron Howard's shocking film about the crisis that occurred (in real life) aboard NASA's Apollo 13 is a perfect case of art inspiring life. As well as Apollo 13 Showing how public interest in the space program waned by 1970, only to be resurrected by the life-and-death situation in which astronauts were involved, Howard's exciting docudrama helped to raise interest in NASA's heroes. in the 90s. Seeing where the three on board and the professionals at the control center had to go to make it possible for the astronauts to survive, gave the public a clearer idea of ​​how precarious it is to send manned space missions, plus the creativity and dedication of everyone involved.

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