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This is the new game that comes to Apple Arcade this week

Apple Arcade manages to reach diverse audiences through a regularly growing library, with games from all kinds of studios offering unique visions, lots of different worlds to explore. And of course, within all this range of experiences Also included are those based on the most basic game mechanics. For example, today we present to you a recent addition that will bring out a smile to more than one nostalgic.

Surely more than one of you who is reading this article has spent hours and hours playing pinball. And someone else has probably met Peggle, a video game that offered hours of fun based on infinite bounces. And of course, who has not tried any dungeon game, the most classic adventures in this industry. Well, Roundguard, the new Apple Arcade game, combine these three games to achieve a most curious and entertaining title.

This new game from Wonderbelly Games, published on consoles, Steam and Apple Arcade, allows you to explore a world full of the most adorable characters. In fact, even monsters are cuddly, although you'll have to make sure to defeat them in order to pass each level. For it, you will have to use the physics of the game and shoot your character through the obstacles to reach their goal, making sure to get the most out of each class's abilities.


Roundguard, which you can already download if you are Apple Arcade subscribers through the App Store, will give you hours of entertainment thanks to its more than 100 rewards, which will provide you with powerful effects capable of changing the course of each game. Thus, you will reach the top of the game's leaderboards, an incentive that you cannot resist.

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To enjoy this game and dozens of additional titles no additional advertising or micropaymentsYou just have to subscribe to Apple Arcade for only 4.99 euros per month. The first month is on Apple's account, and you will have all the advantages of its services, such as the possibility of sharing the subscription with several accounts through Family Sharing.