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This is the cheapest Netflix plan in the world

One of the premises of Netflix and any streaming service worth its salt is that it has the possibility of being mobile, to be used anywhere.

For that generally two things are needed: a good cell phone and a competent data plan, although the option to download the content previously with a wifi signal is also a great alternative.

Thinking about that, but also adjusting to the laws of the market, Netflix began to launch an exclusive hypereconomic pack for two countries: the Philippines and Thailand.

According to Philippine publication BusinessWorld, the company announced the plan's launch during a video conference from Los Angeles, California. Patrick Flemming, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, told reporters that Filipinos see the streaming platform on average on their mobile devices. for three hours a day, which is double the consumption of the rest of the world.

netflix thailand (1)

All this for $ 3 per month (149 Philippine pesos and 99 Thai baht) and allows users to watch programs in standard definition.

A calculation a while ago brought up the top of countries where regular plans are cheaper with the following formula: local price of the standard plan, divided by the size of the catalog, divided by two (the number of users of that rate).

So the thing remains:

one. India: 1810 series and 3781 films. $ 9.17 a month. $ 0.00082 per title.

two. Colombia: 1350 series and 2932 movies. $ 7.21 dollars a month. $ 0.00084 per title.

3. Australia: 1734 series and 3615 movies. $ 9.50 dollars a month. $ 0.00089 per title.

Four. Philippines: 1542 series and 3371 movies. $ 8.84 dollars a month. $ 0.00090 per title.

5. Canada: 1687 series and 4043 movies. $ 10.52 dollars a month. $ 0.00084 per title.

Netflix has three plans: Basic, for a monthly value of $ 9 dollars, Standard ($ 13) and Premium ($ 16).

The limitations are presented in the form of a resolution: the Basic will not be transmitted above a definition SD resolution, (Standard Definition), while precisely the Standard plan is restricted to Full HD. If you go to Premium you can enjoy the material in 4K Ultra HD.

There is another notable difference between the Basic, Standard and Premium plans, and that is the number of people who can use the same account at the same time: a single user in the cheapest option, and four the most expensive.

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