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This concept shows what the new interface of iOS 14 will be like in list mode

concepto iOS 14 lista

iOS 14 concept list

This week we have had the biggest leak on iOS 14 to date. Our colleagues from 9to5mac They had access to part of the code from a preliminary version of iOS 14 from which they managed to gather extensive information. We know that the Apple Watch will include new sensors, that the iPhone and iPad will have a complete mouse and trackpad support, that we will be able to transcribe into text the notes taken with the Apple Pencil, that iMessage will incorporate new features, that the voice of Siri could be edited by developers and many more new features, such as a new view on the home screen.

And precisely on this last filtration related to the home screen is the one that today we bring you a pretty realistic concept that shows what it could look like. This list view of apps is not something new, as it is one of the ways to view apps on Apple Watch.

This concept has been created by our colleagues in iSpazio and it is very close to what this new way of showing the apps on the iPhone that could come with iOS 14 could look like.

A different view of the apps in iOS 14

The leak reveals that in this new iOS 14 home screen we can choose between two types of views, the traditional one with the icon grid and a list version. She is ready may include Siri technology to show us the most used apps, those that have notifications and many other options that we are still unaware of.

This concept imagines this and some other functions. At the top we find a dropdown menu that allows us to choose the order of the apps from the list among several options: alphabetically ordered, recently used apps or apps with notifications to read. Next to this menu, on the right, we find a cone to quickly change from the new list view to the classic one, that grid with which we have lived together for 13 years.

iOS-14-Concept- list

As you can see, in the design of this view the applications appear in semi-transparent rectangles, very similar to those of the notifications, folders and other elements of iOS. In addition to the icon and the name of the app, we would also have a Dynamic space dedicated to artificial intelligence from Siri that can continuously change depending on what is happening in each application.

That is, in the calendar app the following event could appear, in the App Store the applications that can be updated, a preview in Messages and much more than each developer can implement. Undoubtedly, the most original idea that shows the possibilities of this new list view.

iOS-14-concept-ispazio list view

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Without a doubt we must thank our colleagues from iSpazio this concept that brings us closer to the many possibilities of this new interface that has been leaked in iOS 14. It can be an interesting step by Apple And with a lot of evolution, this kind of dynamic icons with extended information has a great future.