Concepto iOS 14

This concept of iOS and iPadOS 14 comes with all the news we want

IOS 14 concept

Despite the fact that the coronavirus is endangering product presentations around the world and the main conferences of developers in the technology sector, users continue to hope to enjoy a new version of iOS and iPadOS in the coming months. And of course, we can't help but dream a bit with the news that we would like to see in those updates. For this reason, concepts such as the one we bring you today are a good way to brighten our day.

Designer Andrea Copellino has shared a new concept on his YouTube channel imagining the next version of operating systems Apple mobile phones. In this case, according to rumors, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 could represent a similar step to the one taken with iOS 12, which was a version dedicated to improving system performance. However, in this video we can see some news that would not be wrong to see in the Apple keynotes.

Some notable changes will be examples such as the arrival of the always-on screen for the iPhone, something that is already present in the Apple Watch Series 5, and that could reach the phone in the same way that the Haptic Engine and Force Touch were moved in the past. In addition, we would also come to the appearance of the complications of the Apple Watch, which would offer the possibility of complementing the current home screen without depending on the widgets.

On the other hand, when it comes to the iPad, we will finally have the ability to create multiple users, an option that has not been available for a long time in products such as Apple TV but that does not end up landing on Apple mobile devices. Additionally, Siri will change its appearance, in the same way that the space taken by the interface of incoming calls on the iPhone will be reduced.

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Of course, many of the innovations that this designer has included in his concept are really attractive, and they all belong to the long list of requests that users have for Apple. However, and as we mentioned at the beginning, it seems that iOS 14 will not be a major change updateSo while we can expect surprises, it is unlikely that all our wishes will be fulfilled at once.