They seek a cure for the coronavirus with the help of a collaborative video game

They seek a cure for the coronavirus with the help of a collaborative video game

Foldit is a game for PC, Mac, and Linux that uses puzzle mode to assist scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle in their search for an antiviral to fight the coronavirus

The University of Washington in Seattle presented an original project to combat the crisis caused by the



with a video game

. Without a vaccine in sight and with a lot of work against the clock with various preventive measures, the search for a cure by the


is approached by


, a game that proposes the way to analyze the behavior of the virus and its structure to identify the appropriate methods to block the entrance to the cells.


 is a


 puzzle type, free and non-profit, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The premise is based on the folding of the proteins, a key element in the functioning of the functions of the human body, but it is also a key factor for the development of diseases, and in this case the focus is on the


covid-19. For this task, the game developers and researchers propose a series of rules so that players

interact with proteins virtually

 and, in this way, generate possible designs and schemes to create the antiviral drug capable of blocking the interaction of the coronavirus with human cells.

Official video of Foldit (in English)

"We want to stress that, like all scientific research, laboratory tests take time to verify that the molecules are safe and effective against the coronavirus," said researcher Brian Koepnick and member of the Foldit development team.

With this proposal, Foldit seeks to position itself as interactive software based on scientific research so that users from all over the world can collaborate remotely. Nevertheless,

it is not a simple virtual puzzle,

since it requires certain knowledge and previous readings to identify the necessary process to advance with the challenges proposed by the game.

Comparison with collaborative computing initiatives is inevitable, and at this point the creators of Foldit took it upon themselves to point out that it is only interactive software, and that users who wish to donate computing power from their computers can sign up for the project.

Rosetta @ Home

, where they use the contribution of thousands of computers around the world to find the vaccine and antiviral

to stop the coronavirus


As antecedent of this proposal is

Plague Inc

, a video game without the scientific rigor that Foldit proposes, and that explores other aspects of diseases and their transmission. Billed as the killer plague game, Plague Inc. is a simulation and strategy title that takes the side of a pathogen seeking to eradicate human life on Earth. Under this premise, the player develops the various variants of the plague to overcome all the sanitary mechanisms that the authorities and people around the planet to stop an epidemic on a global scale.


. They seek a cure for the coronavirus with the help of a collaborative video game – LA NACION