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These are the cell phones that lose value faster

Cell phones are constantly being updated. It is no mystery to anyone that situations like planned obsolescence cause manufacturers to artificially unravel various phone models, to push the adoption of their latest creations.

Beyond that, mobile equipment price comparison site BankMyCell conducted a study to see which devices have been devalued faster. And one of its main conclusions is that the terminals equipped with Android come out losing in this battle.

In the first year, on average, iPhones lose 23.45 percent of their value; the second, the total loss is 45.46 percent, detailed.

"The most terrifying news for the most loyal users of Android over $ 700 is that the depreciation per year is almost the same as the iPhone at two: 45.18 percent," the report noted.

Apple pay iPhone users who slowed down

In that context, Samsung's S10 range lost much more in 2019 than the S9 in 2018. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus lost 45.26 percent in the nine months after its launch in 2019, compared to the Galaxy S9 Plus of the 2018, whose devaluation was estimated at 30.21 percent.

Another conclusion from BankMyCell: ?On average, Android devices with launch prices of $ 350 or less lose half of their exchange value in just one year. Owners of popular low-budget smart phone brands, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Google, lost an average of 48.65 percent of their exchange value between 2019 and 2020. "

As sample, the detail:

  • Motorola lost an average of 59.41 percent between January and December 2019. The Motorola One (2018) was the fastest depreciation and the highest value loss at 75.84 percent ($ 135 dollars).
  • LG lost an average of 56.76 percent between January and December 2019. The Nexus 5X (2015) was the fastest depreciation at 70.59 percent, while the 2017 V30 lost the highest value: $ 145 dollars.
  • Google lost an average of 51.68 percent between January and December 2019. The Pixel 3 (2018) was the fastest depreciation and the highest loss of value with 56.70 percent ($ 267 dollars).

The following chart shows the study of brands and their highest depreciation in 2019:

Depreciation by brand

This table shows the Samsung phones that have dropped the most:


Most decisive is this latest graph presented by BankMyCell, as it talks about the 10 most depreciated cell phones of 2019:


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