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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 shows its design in video and photographs

Shortly after the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9, a Samsung executive confirmed that another high-end terminal was being prepared for the second quarter of this year. This is not exactly a novelty since since 2011 Samsung has the Note family as the star category of the second part of the year.

Except in 2016 with the problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there has not been a year in which we did not have a variant of the Galaxy S with a larger size, stylus and a greater focus on productivity.

This year it is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and as usual with the major releases Onleaks brings us a video and images of how this model will be based on the data that comes from the factory.

Continuist design from its predecessor

This model will closely resemble the Galaxy Note 8, just as the S9 closely resembles the S8.

We will have rather straight lines, a screen that will curl very slightly on the larger edges and also a back that will do the same movement on those same sides.

It will have a connector USB C, a space to store the Stylus or S-Pen and the most attached to audio jack You will see how your expectations are met and this connector will be maintained.

In the back we do see a slight change and that is that the camera, which remains dual, is no longer next to the fingerprint sensor, but on it.

It is the same thing the company did with the S9, given the numerous criticisms that were made of the high-end models of 2017 for the position of this element.

It will have a thickness of 8.8 mm and the screen will reach 6.3 inches. Hopefully it will maintain the same resolution as the previous models, it would be strange if Samsung moved to 4K here.