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The new Apple Watch would have this important function

While it has no official release date and is still in a development phase, the upcoming Apple Watch would have a significant extra feature.

According to the transcendents, the next smartwacth of those from Cupertino would come with oxygen measurement in the blood. In this way, an oxygen saturation in the blood and falling below a certain threshold, would be an indicator of a notification very similar to that now received by unusual heart rates, indicating a serious heart problem or respiratory failure.

According to MacRumors, "Apple has patents for blood oxygen monitoring, and the first prototypes of the first Apple Watch featured sensors that measured blood oxygen monitoring among other biometric data, but many of these features never made it to the end product due to consistency problems ?.


One of the things that is not known for now is whether this variation on Apple Watch will be a software update as part of WatchOS 7 or rather be new hardware.

The truth is that the function was discovered in the snippets of code that the developers are working on for iOS 14.

But it would not be the only addition that the new Cupertino smart watch would have, since they are also developing an improved electrocardiogram (ECG) function that could generate results between 100 and 120 beats per minute.

The WatchOS 7 update could also incorporate other important updates for the upcoming Apple Watch:

  • Adjust the information sphere present on the watch, depending on the time of day. For example, you can remove the activities from the weather, for example, at the end of the day.
  • The colors of the screen can be adjusted as the hours of the day go by, something like going to dark mode.
  • Apple Watch could also take advantage of your calendar to learn more: if you're heading to a meeting, watchOS could change faces to something that looks more professional and provides easy access to the time and your next event.
  • You could also modify the information on the screen depending on the location.

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