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The best video players for Mac

The macOS operating system that accompanies any Apple iMac or MacBook laptop is very complete in terms of offering all kinds of tools and utilities with which to work.

However, it also has some other shortcomings related to compatibility, such as the support of different video formats. That is why we wanted to develop this article with alternatives to compatible video player programs.

We wanted to compile a list of the best video players for Mac with which you can play any video content that falls into your hands, whether you download it from the network or it reaches you through other channels.

We test each interface, the formats they support and whether they can be used on other devices or platforms to ensure compatibility.

one. VLC


The free cross-platform player VLC Years ago it reached its maximum popularity because it was a simple open source solution that could be used in various devices and operating systems.

Over time, VLC has managed to maintain its full potential by being able to reproduce the majority of multimedia files on the market with various broadcast protocols. Its usage requirements are very basic and it also supports plugin web browser.

If the privacy of your data is something that worries you, VLC stands out for omitting the tracking of user behavior, in addition to not integrating any type of spyware or advertising. Allow you to add and create masks or install extensions.

two. 5K Player

5K Player

Another mode of player for Mac that supports the viewing of videos in HD 1080p and 4K quality, as well as AAC, FLAC or APE files is 5K Player. If you opt for wireless transmission, you can use both DLNA and AirPlay without loss of quality.

If you are one of those who regularly downloads videos from different platforms such as Vimeo, DailyMotion or YouTube, 5K Player makes this process easier by managing them from the same content library.

It also supports the introduction of subtitles for different formats such as .ssa, .sub, .json and .aqt. Simply drag and drop the subtitle file into the scene playback window to ensure compatibility.

3. MPlayerX


This video player is nothing new, despite which, its constant updates have made it possible to support the reproduction of any video medium without requiring additional plugins or codec packages.

MPlayerX It supports gesture interpretation, so that either on the device's touch screen or on the team's touchpad, you can perform hand gestures to find the corresponding action.

It also supports streaming videos from YouTube, Vimeo and any other featured video platform. Among those analyzed here, MPlayerX It can boast of being one of the least CPU and memory resources used by the computer's operating system.

Four. Kodi


Open source, Kodi is the quintessential video player that supports different formats and playlists.

In fact, the compatibility of Kodi It extends to countless devices, both Apple and Windows, including Linux, Raspberry Pi, as well as Android and Amazon's Fire TV Stick.

Kodi It differs from the rest in that it allows the installation of dozens of accessories. The addons They are what make this video player an interesting program to play any type of video content.

5. Plex


It closely follows the steps taken by kodi, to the point of being the two main open source digital media players. Plex It also allows you to recover files stored on your system, indexing all of them under a common interface.

His approach makes it possible for us to share our library of videos or content with family or friends over the Internet. It also works with a wide variety of audio formats, which adds interest from users.

Like Kodi, Plex It allows you to install a local multimedia server on your computer in which to store the entire content library. This is another of the possibilities offered by Plex, in addition to covering the basic needs of a multimedia player.

6. Quicktime player

Quicktime player

Widely known among users of Apple devices, Quicktime player supports a wide variety of file formats. In fact, the program also includes the possibility of recording content, playing, editing or sharing video and audio.

Despite having lost some prominence after the release of macOS Mojave and falling into disuse, Quicktime player It continues to be used by users for certain tasks, such as the screen recording of the Mac or that of iOS devices.

You can still use the program to shorten video tracks, divide it into sections, flip or rotate clips, as well as share after the video has finished, through Mail, Messages, AirDrop or even YouTube.

7. Realplayer


Another useful tool that works very well on your Mac to scan your library of contents stored on disk and have them indexed and cataloged. It is also interesting when downloading videos from the Internet and playing them in offline.

Among the novelties offered by the latest version of Realplayer It highlights the possibility of synchronizing your content with the cloud to have a backup and backup of your most important videos or audios. For this, you should consult the pricing plans offered.

Other users also use it to convert videos between different formats, so those with MKV or AVI can convert them to MOV or MP4 and many other widely spread video formats.

8. Elmedia Video Player

Elmedia Video Player

Elmedia Video Player is another free media player for macOS. It is considered an all-in-one solution compared to others of its competitors due to the fact that it does not require additional plugins or codecs.

The audio settings are also quite flexible, so presets can be applied to EQ, emulation of surround sounds as well as AC-3 / DTS support. The solution is certified for Mac and supports wireless links like Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA.

With Elmedia Video Player It is possible to stream the 4K format from the Mac to Chromecast Ultra devices, Apple TV 4K, smart TVs from leading brands, as well as any other player of this type.

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