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The best management games for football teams

The football season begins, one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Spain, where we have a great league with some of the best teams and hobbies. While some people prefer to enjoy the king sport playing it, others prefer to specify how the best ones play, or even emulate them in video games.

In the video game world there are two main types of soccer games. The most famous mode is the one in which we go out on the playing field and control the players, but not the only one. There are soccer games in which we embody the role of team manager or even coach. Today we collect the best games in which we can manage our own soccer team.

Fantasy League BRAND 2016

the league marks

We started this compilation with one of the most famous games they will catch in the coming days, because it is the official game of the Professional Soccer League. This game allows us to create our own fantastic league.

What is a fantastic league? Well, it is a league in which we can compete against our friends. At the beginning of the league we all receive the same budget, with which we can create our own team by making signings (the better a player, the more it will cost to acquire it). Each player will get a score, depending on how they played in real life, in such a way that the player whose line-up gets the most points will win the matches.

The best thing about this fantastic league is that being supported by the Professional Soccer League it is free and does not include micropayments, all players start with the same budget and whoever has the most knowledge about football and knows how to sign better will win. If you follow La Liga and you like soccer managers, it is an essential game.

Championship Manager 17

Championship Manager 17 is a game that we talked about recently and that is worth mentioning again. It is a soccer manager simulator that has more than 450 soccer clubs belonging to 25 different leagues, with the templates updated to the 2016-2017 season.

One of the strengths of Championship Manager is the control that allows us to have as a coach having a large number of management fields available. On the other hand, the fact that it is a free game means that if we want to progress quickly we have to go through the box yes or yes.

Top Eleven

Surely the most famous soccer management simulator for mobile platforms. It is one of the simulators with the easiest to learn, but it also includes a large number of options to take your team to the top. Here we can develop our soccer stadium, choose the squad and its equipment, carry out training sessions and much more.

If you are a novice in football management, Top Eleven is a great option to start playing as it is free. Like Championship Manager, it includes micropayments that can diminish the gaming experience by offering us improvements in exchange for money.

Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager

pro evolution soccer manager

Along with FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer has been one of the best soccer games in history. A year ago, Konami decided to bring its franchise to Android, and the truth is that it has become one of the best soccer simulators on Android.

Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager focuses on the most technical profile, since we will not only be able to manage our team on a day-to-day basis, but we will also be able to make strategic decisions in the game itself. The visualization of the matches is the main strong point of this title, since in addition to the typical dashboard view, we can see the games in 3D, as if we were in the stands hear.

Football Manager Mobile 2016

football manager

The simulators above are quite comprehensive, but except for the fantastic league of the Professional Soccer League, they all have a flaw: requiring micropayments, the experience is reduced to how much money we want to pay to progress.

Football Manager Mobile 2016 is the game preferred by the most purists, as it is a decaf version of the popular PC Football Manager. In this simulator we will have a large part of the options of the traditional game available, having access to tactics, technical personnel or management of the team, the players, or salaries, and may even transfer players to other clubs.

The best thing about the game without a doubt is that you will not constantly have the blissful "pay to get this" or "pay to improve the other" windows, although in return we will have to pay a price of 8.99 eurosAlthough knowing that sometimes we spend even more money on free to play games, it may still be worth it.