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The best 7-8 inch tablets of 2014

Tablets pequeñas


The best 7-8 inch tablets of 2014

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December 25, 2014

Small tablets

We continue with the end of the year compilations. Yesterday we showed you the best smartphones and phablets of 2014 for us, and throughout the day today we will bring you three more lists, this time of tablets, separated into three size ranges. We dedicate this first one to the tablets of 7-8 inches, called small. If in previous courses, 7 inches were the standard and dominated, in recent months we have witnessed a change in trend towards 8. The competition has been brutal and there are many applicants but only 5 chosen.

We repeat the same thing as yesterday. We make these lists knowing that we leave many high-quality devices out of it, and with the intention that our selection is justified. Without further ado, we went over the best of an overcrowded segment in 2014, with many alternatives and models for all tastes, pockets and profiles.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

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<p>Samsung has finally decided to launch a family of high-end tablets, which brings together the best of the company. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S are the first to have a <strong>fingerprint reader</strong>, anticipating the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The screen<strong> SuperAMOLED with 2,560 x 1,600 resolution</strong> Pixels get the highest density in a device of these dimensions, 359 pixels per inch and is considered the best on the market by experts. It is also one of the thinnest with a thickness of 6.6 millimeters and perfectly meets any situation thanks to its complete technical data sheet. If we needed any more reason to include it in our list, it is quite beautiful despite its plastic construction, the golden border has been a success.</p>
<h2>Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact</h2>
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Another at last. Many of the faithful of the Japanese company have long waited for a smaller tablet that would maintain the essence of the previous Xperia Z Tablet. Great design with a thickness even less than the Samsung 6.4 model and topped with the IP68 certification that guarantees resistance to water and dust, a feature that sets it apart from the rest. Good 8-inch screen (1,920 x 1,200 pixels), Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 801 (one of the few that mounts it), 3GB of RAM and 8-megapixel camera with the confidence that Sony offers. Its integration with Play Station 4 (Remote Play) will be a very characteristic to be taken into account by the most "gamers".

Nvidia Shield Tablet

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<p>Speaking of video games, one of the great revolutionaries in the sector, the Nvidia Shield Tablet, could not be missing from this compilation. A device that comes to succeed the old portable console of Nvidia but that offers the user all the functionalities of a really powerful tablet. Uses an Nvidia processor <strong>Tegra K1</strong> specially optimized so that the graphics performance is the best that has ever been seen on a mobile device, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. The multimedia section is another of its strengths, with stereo speakers and a<strong> 8 inches</strong> with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution.</p>
<p>And it has everything a player may need: <strong>a command</strong> similar to the Xbox One that can be used to play the titles of its growing catalog, a streaming video game service like <strong>Grid</strong> and multiple functions that allow, for example, streaming also from our own PC. And let's not forget, it has been one of the first to update to <strong>Android 5.0 Lollipop</strong> And they promise to keep doing it that well in the future.</p>
<h2>Xiaomi MiPad</h2>
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The Chinese brand sneaks back into a list. Surely the Xiaomi MiPad is the best option for those who are looking for a device that is the size at a price that is not too high. Although I wouldn't win a beauty pageant, has practically everything: good screen (7.9 inches and resolution 2,048 x 1,536 pixels), good assured performance (Nvidia Tegra K1 64-bit and 2 GB of RAM), good camera (8 megapixels), good battery (guarantees 11 hours of multimedia). And can be found by less than 200 euros.

iPad mini 3

iPad mini 3

Being honest it has been difficult for us to choose it but it has to be. It is true that it is an iPad mini Retina with TouchID, which have not introduced any of the improvements that the iPad Air 2 does have and that has left a bitter taste in the mouth, but it is iOS, and the Apple platform continues to give unmatched performance for the vast majority and has the app store for tablets more complete that exists at your service. Possibly it is not a highly recommended purchase (the iPad mini Retina with the reduced price yes), but it is still among the best tablets on the market.


Dell Venue 8 7000

We have too many in the pipeline. We would have liked to include a tablet with Windows from Asus, Dell or Lenovo, but there are not too many 7-8 inches that stand out above the rest, and even less above the previous five. It could also have carved out a Dell Venue 8 7000, the world's thinnest tablet, which has postponed its launch at CES in Las Vegas. And others like Amazon Kindle Fire 7 HDX, Asus MeMo Pad 8 LTE or bq Edison 3 mini, a good Spanish alternative.