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The 42 Apple Store in China have already reopened with some normality

apple store china
Chinese health authorities reported a decrease in contagion cases in the country and the industry has taken that announcement as a signal to return to full capacity. Just yesterday, the Apple supplier factory, Foxconn, announced its reopening and today it has become official that the 42 Apple Store have fully reopened.

At the critical moment of the disease, Apple was forced to close its 42 retail stores in China, one of its most important markets. This led those of the bitten apple to consider a revision of their income targets for the March quarter, caused by the limited supply of iPhone worldwide as the lower demand from customers of Apple products in China, which fell by 60% according to recent financial reports.

China's Apple Store returns to normal work

Although this scenario improves Apple's uncertainty about the country where it produces and sells most of its devices, not all is good news. Well as the virus spreads around the world, it is likely that Apple is affected elsewhere, like the United States and several countries in Europe.

This week, the company closed the 17 stores in Italy after the government blocked several cities in the country. And it is believed that it could soon be facing the closure of stores in the United States where there are approximately 1,500 known cases of coronavirus, more than 30 people have died.

Along with store closings and traffic restrictions for its employees, Apple, like other companies, has had to restructure your internal events and cancel their participation in external events in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus according to the governmental recommendations and the World Health Organization.