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Samsung is already working on the Android 10 update for the Galaxy M20 and M30

Galaxy M20


The Galaxy M series has become the Samsung's best response to ongoing siege by Asian firms with a series of devices with an excellent design and at a very reasonable price, which has allowed the Korean company to lead sales in Europe in the three quarters of this year with this range.

First of all, the Galaxy M20 was launched, a bestseller in both India and Europe. The Galaxy M30 was launched shortly thereafter, with improvements over the M30 such as the Super AMOLED displays. To maintain the success of both terminals in the market, the company will release the update for Android 10 as soon as possible.

Galaxy M20

Both the Galaxy M20 and M30 managed by an Android 10 beta have already been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The firmware versions with Android 1o of both devices are the M205FDDU3CSK3 for the M20 and the M305FDDU2CSK3 for the M30. It is interesting to see how Samsung is prioritizing both terminals, since as a general rule, the mid-range of the company is usually not the first to receive updates to new versions of Android until 9 to 12 months after its launch.

It is also not normal that Samsung has started the development of this update for models that are not its flagships. What is clear is thate things are changing for the better , at Samsung, at least in the policy that has followed the last years in terms of updates to its terminals, the weak point of Samsung for many years.

This demonstrates that competition any sector is always welcome, since it prevents the most veteran from resting on their laurels and that end users always benefit. Regarding the probable launch date of Android 10 for both the Galaxy M20 and the Galaxy M30 it is unknown, but as soon as it is known, we will let you know.