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Reigns is the Tinder of monarchs, and we have proven it

Not every day one is in the first position of «New Top Sellers»From Google Play a game that has managed to sneak its way among other much better-known titles. I speak of Reigns, a game in which we have to put ourselves in the shoes of a monarch who, in true Tinder style, decide with a touch on the screen the future of the inhabitants of the kingdom. And, of course, how can you resist trying a game that is presented with this description?

I have encouraged myself to try Reigns in its version for Android, and I have to admit that I have done it with some skepticism when seeing the suspiciously good reviews that the game accumulates -4.7 of average mark-, because it would not be the first time that the false reviews make theirs . But one thing is the opinion I had beforehand and another the taste in my mouth that the game has finally left me.

Maintaining the balance between the "four powers", the key to advance in Reigns

The Reigns Game

Every time we move our finger on the screen, what we are doing is making a decision like monarchs; if we make a mistake, our head will be in danger

So they explain to you at the beginning of Reigns, your goal as a monarch is keep the balance between the four powers. Those mysterious four powers are represented in the form of four different icons located at the top of the screen: a cross (the church), a person (the town), a sword (the army) and money (the wealth). This first introduction also helps us learn how the game control works, which turns out to be as simple as moving your finger on the screen either to the left or to the right.

But I don't recommend that you make decisions lightly. Everything you do in Reigns affects your kingdom, and the response you offer to people who visit you can condemn you to both death and success. Some decisions influence your reputation with the church, while others directly affect the economy of your people. The challenge, as you can imagine, is to stay alive until your head is cut off.

A game at Reigns

Reigns is "the Tinder of the monarchs." The price of the game, yes, it seems completely exorbitant

In one of the first games a certain Archbishop of Alhama visited me, who asked me to start a pilgrimage to the tomb of San Armando; If he said "No," the answer would affect the church and the people, and if he said "Yes," he would be affecting the church, the people, and the accounts of the kingdom. The game tells you which aspects the decision will affect, but you don't know if it will do it positively or negatively until you make it. You may be wrong once or twice, but in that case don't panic if you start to hear the sound of the guillotine.

Reigns It has reminded me a lot of Papers, Please, that's why it is also a game in which you sealed the destiny of people based on what you wanted (although in this case you are also sealing your own destiny as king). In any case, if you are willing to spend 3,29 euros It costs Reigns (it is a good excuse to spend the credits of Google Opinion Rewards) I would say that you will regret it, it is a game as simple as it is entertaining. And if you don't like it … you can always return it.