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Prevent Android apps from sharing your data [Tutorial]

Android apps

Today one of the most controlled issues is the issue of privacy, despite this there are many apps on android which make great use of your data. The use of the same goes through permissions, several of them go through the agenda, although they also request passage to other phone directories.

Apps have a fairly clear purpose, to be able to share user data, many of them provide information directly to companies. The positive of the case is to reduce that they get to filter them with a series of steps, always going through the settings of each application.

Applications permissions

Control app permissions

Some applications request permissions that they do not need, if so you can stop to install some, but remember that it is better not to give way to all actions. The application will work the same, Android has been improving security over time and that we can reject the permission if we do not trust.

To manage permissions you have to follow some small guidelines, so take the necessary time if you see any strange or unreliable part of one that you use very often.

First steps

Go to "Settings" of your terminal, access "Applications", click on "Permissions", check the permissions of each application, within the permissions it displays the permissions used, in this case they may use the "Contacts", "Microphone", "Camera" and even the "Location" of the phone and in this case yours .


Restrict data usage in the background

Another important case is that certain applications use data in the background, therefore it is necessary to disable this for security and battery performance. For this it is also advisable to determine whether or not you use them.

To see if they are in the background follow these steps: Open "Settings", once inside locate "Network and internet" or "Wireless connection and networks", inside go to "Data usage", click on "Application data usage", click on "Application" and check The option to restrict the "use of data in the background", this may vary depending on the phone model.

Social networks

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are the ones who use our data the most, it should be remembered that Facebook had a heavy fine of 5,000 million dollars for the information leakage of 87 million users. It is time to assess whether it is positive to have some permissions activated both in the app and also within the popular social network.

Following the "First steps" we will try to access the least possible permissionsAlthough it is clear that the microphone is usually used for Facebook Messenger, a software that will be downloaded as another application on our smartphone, if you do not use it, it is convenient to deactivate the option within "Permissions".