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Path of Exile: The objectives of the Atlas of Treason will include the new masters in the endgame

Path of exile: the objectives of the atlas of betrayal will include the new masters at the end of the game – TecNoticias, your portal of information

The Atlas Goals will replace the Daily Missions and will have a strong presence in the base game.

The path of exile update 3.5 and new Betrayal The league comes out in two weeks. Meanwhile, Grinding Gear Games has been detailing every new feature that comes with the update. Today, we learn more about the Atlas Goals. The old Masters have disappeared and have been replaced by League Masters like Niko (Delve), Alva (Raid) and Einhar (Bestiary).

The various Leagues and their activities have been incorporated into the main game and replace the daily Missions. The new system is called Atlas Goals and features different markers in the Atlas of the Worlds where a Master can be present. They will have a mission available in that section that is updated every day. Randomly finding Masters is still one thing, so don't worry.

Atlas objectives will appear every day, but can also be generated when a map is completed. Depending on the last map executed in the corresponding League, the map level of the Objective Atlas will be freely based on it. If an Atlas Objective has been added for a Master but still has one for a different Master, then the pre-existing Master will move to a new location.

Trajectory of the betrayal of exile be available December 7 for PC and December 10 for Xbox One and PS4. The game itself also releases on December 7 for PS4, so stay tuned for more updates on what's coming with Betrayal.

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