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Now you have infinite lives in Candy Crush due to the coronavirus

unlimited lives candy crush

Due to the unfortunate situation of the coronavirus, many companies are doing what they consider necessary to keep their users calm. Each in their own way, but they all want people to get a little distracted during this epidemic. A great example is Candy Crush, which now gives its players infinite lives due to the coronavirus.

Although Candy Crush was born in 2012, millions of people currently play it in all parts of the world. Without exaggeration, we are sure that you also have a friend or family member who continues to have fun with this popular game in the middle of 2020.

Candy Crush gives away infinite lives due to the coronavirus

candy crush unlimited lives

Since the quarantine began in many parts of the world, several users of Candy Crush have been asking for the official forum of the game to be granted infinite lives to deal with boredom. And after several people insisted on the subject, King (the developer of Candy Crush) decided to please them in a special way.

On both Reddit and Twitter, it was revealed that Candy Crush is granting 150 hours of unlimited lives to its users. Without a doubt, this is a measure that will keep the players of this puzzle entertained for a few days.

If you're a regular Candy Crush player, this is the perfect time to take advantage of confinement and climb as many levels as possible. And if you have never played this title in your life, then you can download it to combat boredom while following this coronavirus situation.

Candy Crush Saga

Be that as it may, this move by King will make Candy Crush players stay more active than ever. Without a doubt, it is a good alternative for those who were looking for a way to kill time during these days.

Vodafone gives away data and children's TV for the coronavirus, Movistar also offers 30 GB and free content. Now Candy Crush aims to entertain its users with unlimited lives. And you, What do you think of this measure to deal with the coronavirus?