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New ARM processors and keyboards on Macbooks in late 2020

MacBook Pro 16

The next-generation MacBook Pro and Air hit the gas and would be closer than we thought, according to a report by a Chinese media outlet that echoed 9to5mac and that Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo had as its source. As indicated, the first Mac with an ARM processor would be planned for the last quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021 and we will see 13-inch MacBooks Pro and Air with the new scissor keyboard in the second quarter of this year.

This first laptop with ARM architecture we understand that follow in the wake of Apple's current most powerful ARM processor, the A12X that mount the current iPad Pro, and that as those of Cupertino said in its day "is more powerful than 93% of PC laptops." This will suppose a leap in power for the current Macbook range since by the time these new notebooks with ARM processors are released the A12X chip will be 2 years old and we assume that Apple will have improved its performance.

MacBook Air

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It is clear that at some point Apple end up replacing all its Intel processors with ARM chips designed by themselves. The idea is that the transition to the Air and Pro range begins, since these new ARM processors will allow them to improve their performance with ease, and that gradually it will be transferred to all the equipment. This migration cannot be carried out overnight and must have the adaptation by the developers of their apps to the new architecture.

Apple end up replacing all its Intel processors with ARM chips

Apple is expected to make the announcement of the migration to ARM chips before the launch of computers that incorporate them. in order to allow developers to adapt their programs. It was thought that the WWDC would be the perfect setting for an announcement of this nature but given the uncertainty generated so far by the coronavirus, which keeps the event up in the air, right now it is not known when its announcement will be.

To top it off, Kuo speculates about a radical change in the chassis of the Macbook for the next 2021. The unibody aluminum design has characterized Macbooks for more than 10 years, and now it only remains to see what Apple thinks to surprise us with a redesign of the current appearance.