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Netflix speed test is now much more complete

Netflix speed test is now much more complete

It does not fail: it is enough to stand in front of the TV at dinner time to see how our connection falls when it comes to playing content via streaming. It doesn't matter if you have the best rate in the world, whether it is ADSL or cable: there is content that does not always load at the expected speed. Netflix It is one of those that suffer the most, hence they created their own speed test.

Fast is a simple application, very simple. Or it was because it has recently been updated to offer much more information. If until then it showed you what the download speed was with which you could watch Netflix now it will offer you until the latency of your connection. They are very important data since not only does the download count when it comes to watching your favorite series.

Netflix Fast speed test completes your options with upload speed and latency

Netflix speed test is now much more complete

The speed tests They are only informative applications, but they throw a lot of information that you can take advantage of to improve your Internet connection. With Fast you will know if it is suitable to see Netflix on your home TV or on your mobile; something very practical if you are thinking of uploading your capacity account: 4K will not compensate you if your network is not able to supply that download rate.

Netflix Fast is updated with the following data:

  • Download latency of your connection.
  • Load latency.
  • Loading speed.
  • Information from the server and also from the operator you have hired.
  • Now you can too configure your speed test: Choose the number of parallel connections and the duration of the test. Very useful to know if the speeds are punctual or remain throughout the streaming.

Fast It has become one of the best applications to test the speed of your Internet connection. It is a clean, simple app, it has no advertising and is now complete enough to understand the capabilities of the contracted connection. We recommend it.