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Mr. Robot game is now available for mobile

Mr. Robot It is one of the most acclaimed series of the moment. Released a year ago, its second season is currently airing, and it narrates the adventures of Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer with social and mental problems. Taking advantage of the circumstance, a study has decided to launch Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.apk -following the line of the series to title the episodes like torrent downloads-, a game based on the series and which is published -not developed- by ??Telltale Games.

The game is set during the events of the first season of the series, and it starts the moment you find a phone belonging to fsociety, a group of hackers who ends up messing you in their efforts to destroy a great company: E-Corp.

Mr. Robot's Game: Social Engineering for Information

Exfiltration compels you to steal and lie, cheat. The game has the aspect of a chat and in it you will receive messages from members of fsociety and you will also have to deal with E-Corp employees using social engineering techniques. In addition, you will also have to deal with Elliot's complex personality to get information while keeping your data safe.

Mr. Robot

It takes place in real time and you will receive notifications as if they were authentic messages, and your choices in dialogue will influence how the story unfolds, similar to other Telltale games. The game costs ? 3.16 and contains neither advertising nor downloads within the application. Unlike other Telltale games, this one is not episodic.