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Microsoft Office suite lands on Chromebooks

Googlewas the one who gave life toChromebooks, portable computers based on your operating systemChrome OSIn order to be an inexpensive and independent alternative to Windows-based computers, however, due to the low popularity and similarities that it offers compared to a conventional computer, you have no choice but to give access to the office suiteMicrosoft Officeon their Chrome OS computers, something that makes work much easier, because with other applications there are alwayscompatibility issueswhich make it difficult to edit or read the content generated in another office suite.

Obviously this becomes excellent news for those who have a Chrome OS team, whichThey will only have to access the Play Storeto be able to download the version of Microsoft Office adapted for Android. Curiously, it seems a strange move because, as we know, Microsoft is trying to counter Chrome OS with Windows 10 S to compete in the educational sector, which is where Google's equipment is sold the most.

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