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LinkedIn launched a type of advertising that you should know

  • LinkedIn is widely recognized as the social network for professional use on an international scale

  • Therefore, most of the brands that place advertising on this platform are part of the B2B sector.

  • However, there are also opportunities for certain B2C companies, depending on the approach you want to use.

Every few months, sometimes weeks, a new advertising format appears on digital channels. This is particularly true in the case of social media. In order to meet the standards of advertisers, as well as make your platform more attractive than that of its competitors, this constant innovation is crucial. Of course, this phenomenon at the same time means that brands must deal with interesting but unknown tools.

In this context, through a statement, the social network LinkedIn has just launched a new advertising tool for advertisers. Inside of official page He calls them Announcements in Conversation, an expansion of his Sponsored InMail format. It is hoped that, as its name suggests, it will allow companies to connect with potential customers directly in a private message. But it would also be a much more complete and complex offer than that.

The idea of ​​this new advertising is for brands to have quality conversations with customers. This, with more dynamic interactions with the entire target audience. Rather than limiting your conversation to a text message and a link, LinkedIn lets brands put multiple buttons and options, which can be programmed for multiple business goals. As the person navigates this new experience, the possibility of closing a lead.

Why should your brand be interested in this advertising format?

As already mentioned, social networks constantly present new tools for their clients. For example, Twitter recently launched its Themes utility in Mexico, which should help brands rank higher in the feeds of the users. Reddit It also surprised its brands by enabling the option to buy a space in their trends. For his part, Snapchat I created one app to develop Augmented Reality filters without help.

Related Notes

The LinkedIn tool is interesting in the way it is following the trend towards more dynamic content. All users, from the general public to decision-makers in B2B transactions, want marketing messages to be much more interesting. Part of this is, of course, advertising personalization. However, it is also crucial that the experience as such is dynamic in its implementation.

When an advertisement is interactive, users have more opportunities to have a relationship with the company in question. And the more interesting this link is, the greater the probability that the commercial message will be successfully absorbed by the individual. This is a win-win from both agents. Not only can people enjoy a much better interaction with companies. Brands can also enhance their effectiveness.

Social networks and advertisers

These platforms can offer companies various types of advertising. For example, apps how TikTok They are willing to collaborate with international authorities in the event of a health emergency. There are companies, in the style of Amazon, who use these channels in their internal recruitment process. Of course, they are also a crucial communication channel for companies to be in constant contact with your consumer audience.

Making the most of social media as part of your business strategy has several advantages for brands, beyond advertising. In accordance with Shout Me Loud, allows businesses to have direct management of their reputation. For his part, Lyfe Marketing believes that it also helps to increase, organically, the strategies of inbound. Furthermore, in the opinion of WordStreamIt also helps to clarify the performance of all rivals.