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Liberated Heroes and their fun turn-based combat

LEGO Legacy: Liberated Heroes becomes the bet of the Danish toy company recognized by everyone for turn-based combat in a game that looks very good. To tell the truth, there comes a time that there are too many games that use this type of gameplay, but it is what there is.

And if we comment on the virtues and benefits of this new game, it is for this reason: the funny thing about the skills that will be used by the different members of our team of heroes. A very well-matched title in the graphics and in those technical aspects. Let's see what it is about.

A well-optimized game at a great graphic level

LEGO Legacy Heroes Released

Here Gameloft has worked to bring us a great balance between great graphics and optimization carried out so that it does not fail in performance. In other words, many are going to be able to test a game on their mobile phones that, coming from another company, might have completely eaten up the system's resources.

LEGO Legacy Heroes Released

LEGO Legacy: Liberated Heroes is a turn-based combat game in which we have a team of three heroes and a series of enemies that will wait for their moment to attack us. Nothing new that can attract us at first, but it does differ in the fun of the skills of each of the team members.

This is where Gameloft has brought out all the ingenuity it treasures so that those skills are very creative. We are talking about how some of our heroes can start making weights and throw them afterwards or how he takes out the guitar and begins to sing a song. The great variety of blows allow us to enjoy an enjoyable experience and that on many occasions will be able to draw a smile on our face.

Collect iconic heroes in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unleashed

LEGO Legacy Heroes Released

Another highlight of this new LEGO game are the iconic figures with many names such as the Hot Dog Vendor, Captain Redbeard or Willa the Witch. These heroes can be improved and we meet again with one of the most basic elements in these turn-based combat games and a bit of RPG.

LEGO Legacy Heroes Released

LEGO Legacy Heroes Released

And for fans of these toys, we have the amazing sets of all LEGO themes. We are talking about LEGO City, LEGO Castle, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Pirates, and LEGO Space. We can build those sets and unlock the secrets that await you in a game that has a wide variety of content.

You can form a clan and take on other players in turn-based games, but we must count on the fact that we will not fight in real time, but that they will be the asynchronized "shadows" of the same. It is an interesting option to have that online multiplayer component that you like so much and that it is difficult not to have in a game of this style.