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Knighthood with his turn-based combat and the delight of his animations

Knighthood is KING's new turn-based combat game with which this company wants to distance itself from its famous puzzles. A pure freemium game, but that is even capable of hooking the one who hates this game model, since it has enough elements to become one of the best of the year.

It has several aspects to highlight and that they are going to lay the foundation or foundations for games to come. I don't know how they did it, but moving through the menus on the home screen is an experience that other companies could already imitate. The other two aspects, before going into detail, is turn-based combat with a dynamism and camera movement that we have not seen in other games and the great, but great, animation that the characters and every living being that have move. Go for it.

A very complete turn-based combat freemium


The truth that KING has surprised us with Knighthood. Firstly, for approaching turn-based combat games when puzzles like Candy Crush Friends have always been his thing. And it does it in an excellent way to face our hero who will face different enemies in three different rounds. In each shift we have four actions to perform, and that can be from a manual attack, that of one of our companions or the use of the enormous iron glove that procures powerful abilities.


After these 4 actions, it will be the enemy's turn to be one for each of the members of the enemy team. What may seem at first something that we have seen previously, thanks to the third-person camera, some Incredibly crafted animations and a camera that creates great dynamism in each of the blows, it becomes an experience that only invites you to continue killing all the enemies in the rounds; The Elder Scrolls: Blades does play with that third-person experience.

It is here that Knighthood shows muscle and generates a unique experience; and that we have seen other action games in turn with that third person perspective. That said, this dynamic turn-based action relies on animations that are on par with the quality of Pixar animation movies such as Toy Story. It is simply exciting and how close you can feel to your hero or to those two combat partners, with skills that only with the movement of the character is a pleasure to witness them.

Knighthood's visual richness


After the fight and after the tutorial, we will find the map through which we will wander through the different levels and another series of important points such as the commerce, the PvP arena or the final bosses that await us. This map is another of Knighthood's great virtues, since it has all those details to frame it in almost a console game on our Android mobile.


And what is usually very boring in many freemium games, such as menus, becomes another advantage of Knighthood. We have never played a game with such visual quality menus as well as performance. We add sound effects and animations here and there, and it will turn the experience of navigating the clan menu, that of improving the equipment of our hero or that of acquiring new companions in an experience like we have never lived on a mobile phone.

We can also add the background story and that it is in Spanish, which helps to follow the adventure and meet characters like the legendary Sir Edward Drakeson. He will introduce us to the Order of Fury and those enigmatic characters that await us. The same goes for the gauntlet, a very powerful relic that will allow us to activate the best abilities of our companions; Pay attention to its animations and combat effects since they are sublime.

Customize your knight in the great KING game


There is also no lack of PvP games (although for now with shadows), the chains of attack movements, the customization of our avatar with different outfits and haircuts, fight in epic games with the members of your clan to gather later around a large round table or stop by merchants to get better items and materials to upgrade weapons and more.


KING has published this game designed by Midoki and that, although it is all a freemium (you will be facing a slower progression as you progress), it is a game that will hook even the most painted. We are left with the excellence in animations of characters, enemies and menus, and the experience itself that is moving around the home screen. It has great variation of enemies, environments and a whole visual display that results in being one of the best games we have played so far this year.

Knighthood is a new turn-based combat game In which he invites you to play every day, customize your avatar and even spend a few euros to get some cool clothes and then hesitate to those of your clan. A whole new experience that you have to try and that lays the foundation for others to understand that there is a lot of room for growth. You are already taking time to install it.

Editor's opinion

  • The best: his animations like Pixar movies
  • Worst: there will come a time when the progression is slower

Game: Knighthood

Graphics: 84
Gameplay: 81
Sound: 77
Price quality: 84

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