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iOS 14 reveals iPhone 9, new iPad Pro, AirTags, new Apple TV remote and much more

iPhone 9 SE 2

iPhone 9 SE 2

We are living incredible hours regarding leaks related to the new version of Apple software for mobile devices. It is undoubtedly the biggest leak on iOS 14 to date and our colleagues from 9to5mac They have already unveiled a new sensor to measure the level of oxygen in blood on the Apple Watch, the complete support of mouse and trackpad, the transcription to text of the notes taken with the Apple Pencil, many new features of iMessage and even a new display of Start on the iPhone.

But the leaks do not end here since they have also obtained information in the iOS 14 code about the new devices that Apple is about to present. Among these news we have information about the iPhone 9, the new iPad Pro model, the expected and rumored AirTag and much more.

The new devices that Apple will launch soon

iPhone 9

The iOS 14 code includes details on the next iPhone 9, also known as iPhone SE 2. iPhone 9 will come with Touch ID and a design similar to that of iPhone 8. However, what they have discovered is that have the Express Transit function, an Apple feature for public transportation. The intention is to capture iPhone 6 users, who do not have this function.

iPhone Se 2 9

The new iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 is expected to launch this March, likely in conjunction with the release of iOS 13.4, as long as the coronavirus doesn't stop it. The device of course be compatible with iOS 14That is why they have been able to find details in the new system.

New iPad Pro

According to the iOS 14 code, the next update of the iPad Pro will include a new rear camera with three sensors, something that the rumors had already said. This configuration include a 3D ToF sensor, a wide angle lens, an ultra wide angle lens and a telephoto lens.

iPad Pro 5g

The time of flight or ToF sensor is probably intended to the new augmented reality features that Apple is developing, and it will be something that will also reach the iPhone 12. It is expected that with iOS 14 a new augmented reality application will arrive that will allow users to obtain more information about the world around them.

New Apple TV

We knew that Apple was working on a new model of Apple TV but now the iOS 14 code reveals that We will also have a new remote for Apple TV. The current Siri Remote did not convince many users and Apple would have decided to launch a new version.

In addition Apple is also developing a new fitness app for Apple TV.. This application will allow users to download exercises and workouts and watch them through Apple TV. All data will be synchronized with Apple Watch and we will have full integration with Apple Music.


iOS 14 also confirms the existence of the rumored AirTag, a small locator device to arrive very soon. AirTags can be configured through iOS and will have a replaceable battery. If you have one of the latest iPhone models, they will be able to search your AirTags through augmented reality, they will also be able to reproduce a sound to help users locate them.

AirTag concept

Lots of new information about devices that Apple may launch this MarchHowever, the coronavirus could delay everything for a few weeks. It is not clear that Apple will present these devices in a keynote.